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Foglight for Storage Management Shared 4.5.5 - Installation Guide

Getting Started Configuring Agents to Monitor Storage Devices
Brocade SAN Switches Cisco SAN Switches Dell Compellent Arrays Dell EqualLogic PS Series Array Groups EMC CLARiiON CX Series Arrays (CLI) EMC CLARiiON, VNX, or VMAX Storage Arrays (SMI-S) EMC Isilon Hitachi Data Systems AMS, USP, and VSP HP EVA Storage Arrays HP 3PAR Arrays NetApp Filers Collection Target Support Matrix Configuration Procedures
Managing Agents

Requirements for EMC CLARiiON or VNX Arrays (SMI-S)

Your environment must meet the following requirements:

Requirements for EMC VMAX Arrays (SMI-S)

Your environment must meet the following requirements:

For supported Solutions Enabler and SMI-S provider versions for each VMAX array, see Collection Target Support Matrix. Contact EMC Customer Service to enable SMI-S Provider on the service processor. EMC requires involving EMC Customer Service when starting and stopping Solutions Enabler services and the SMI-S Provider.
IMPORTANT: EMC has deprecated some storage systems with the 8.0.1 release of Solutions Enabler. For more information refer to An EMC support account is required. As a result, customers wishing to monitor any VNX array or any CLARiiON CX, CX3, CX4, AX, AX4 series array must use a 7.6.x release of Solutions Enabler.

Configuring Agents to Monitor EMC Storage Arrays (SMI-S)

During this procedure you configure the agent to use SMI-S to collect from the Array Management Host that monitors the arrays. For details, see Configuring Agents to Monitor Storage Devices.

Configuring the SMI-S Provider for EMC CLARiiON or VNX

The SMI-S Provider has a programmatic interface that enables management applications that are integrated with the provider with the ability to discover CLARiiON or VNX storage arrays out of band. This discovery method does not require that a CLARiiON or VNX LUN be visible to the host on which the SMI-S Provider is running—only the IP connection to the storage array is required.

You must provide the following information:

EMC offers the TestSmiProvider tool for adding CLARiiON and VNX arrays to the SMI-S Provider.

For more information, see the SMI-S Provider Release Notes.

Use the addsys command to attach a CLARiiON or VNX array to SMI-S Provider. This command is not for Symmetrix arrays. The following provides an example of attaching an VNX array to the SMI-S Provider:
Go to the URL https://<ipaddress>:5989/ecomconfig, log in using the username admin and the password #1Password. Or, use the password you created.
Click Add User and create a user with the role of Administrator. This newly created username can now be used to obtain access to the SMI-S Provider.
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