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Foglight for Infrastructure 6.0.0 - User Guide

Using Foglight for Infrastructure Monitoring log files with Foglight Log Monitor Monitoring IBM PowerVM environments
Before you begin Managing PowerVM HMC agents Monitoring your PowerVM environment
Advanced system configuration and troubleshooting Reference
Foglight for Infrastructure views Foglight Log Monitor views Rules Metrics
Appendix: Building regular expressions in Foglight

Introducing the PowerVM infrastructure

When you deploy Foglight™ for PowerVM and set up the monitoring agents for data collection, the Infrastructure Environment dashboard enables you to review the performance of your environment at a glance. To ensure consistent application performance, use this dashboard to find out more details about specific components, and to look for potential performance degradation indicators, such as high processor loads or low network utilization.

Foglight for PowerVM focuses on the following components in your monitored PowerVM® environment:

HMC (Hardware Management Console) manages a groups of PowerVM servers that are running in your integrated environment.
Managed Server is a collection of physical components managed by the PowerVM Hypervisor software layer. PowerVM Hypervisor divides physical system resources into isolated logical partitions. An HMC typically includes multiple logical partitions.
Partition encapsulates an operating system and application components that are running in a PowerVM Hypervisor. It has a dedicated share of the system’s physical resources.
VIOS provides a mechanism that enables logical partitions to share physical resources of a managed PowerVM server.

Managing PowerVM HMC agents

Foglight™ for PowerVM relies on PowerVM HMC Agents to collect data from the monitored PowerVM® infrastructure. Foglight for Infrastructure features are provided with Foglight for Infrastructure.

When you install Foglight for Infrastructure, you can create PowerVM HMC Agents to collect performance information about your PowerVM environment. To connect to the monitored PowerVM system, the monitoring agents must have sufficient permissions. For complete information, see the following sections:

Configuring HMC user accounts

To connect to the monitored Hardware Management Console (HMC), each PowerVM HMC Agent requires a valid user account. An HMC account requires a user name and password to connect to the HMC. You specify this information by creating a Foglight credential of the User Name and Password type (see Configuring PowerVM HMC agent credentials).

Each HMC user account has a role that grants access to specific parts of the HMC. Each PowerVM HMC Agent instance must be associated with a valid HMC account. To ensure that the HMC account provides access to all elements of your monitored environment, including Virtual I/O Servers (VIOS), the account must be granted a role with sufficient permissions.

Ensure that the Issue virtual I/O server command permission is granted to the newly created HMC role. This permission enables the agent to issue the viosvrcmd command. Removing it causes the HSCL350B error, indicating that the user account does not have appropriate permissions. For more information about this error, visit:

For more information about HMC roles, see your HMC documentation.

Configuring PowerVM HMC agent credentials

A valid user account is required to monitor an HMC. When you configure an HMC account (as described in Configuring HMC user accounts), you must ensure the HMC account information is provided to a Foglight credential:

You can create a credential using the Manage Credentials dashboard. To access this dashboard, on the navigation panel, under Dashboards, click Credentials. On the Credentials page that appears, click Manage Credentials. To create a credential using this dashboard, click Add.

The credential must include the following information in order enable your PowerVM HMC Agent to access the monitored HMC environment:

Type: User Name and Password.
User Name: The name of the HMC user account.
Password: The password associated with the HMC account.
Usage: Infrastructure Monitoring for PowerVM.
Target Host Name or Target Host Name: A mapping to the name or IP address of the host on which HMC is running.

After creating the credential, you must ensure that the lockbox in which the credential is created is released to the Foglight Agent Manager associated with the PowerVM HMC Agent instance that you are about to create (see Creating PowerVM HMC agents). You can release a credential to a desired Agent Manager using the Manage Lockboxes dashboard. To access this dashboard, on the navigation panel, under Dashboards, click Credentials. On the Credentials page, click Manage Lockboxes.

For complete information about managing Foglight credentials and lockboxes, see the Foglight Administration and Configuration Help.

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