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Foglight Experience Monitor 5.8.1 - User Guide

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Customizing reports

This section describes how to modify and edit report sets. In addition, information about configuring user options, such as changing passwords and changing report viewing is available.

For more details, refer to these topics:

Modifying report set lists

Report sets provide a means of displaying a wide variety of reports on the same page. Every new user account includes a predefined group of report sets that are ready for immediate use.

Every report set has a title, description, and a series of component reports, which are essentially metric views and analyses displayed as charts or tables. These report components may be modified, removed, or reordered.

The Customize Report Sets page, accessed from the Monitoring menu, displays a list of report sets currently available for your account. From here, you can view, edit, order, distribute, remove, and add new report sets. You also have the option of restoring the default settings for a report set if you have modified it, or distributing it to other users.

Report sets are classified into three categories for organizational purposes: Business Report Sets, System Report Sets, and Diagnosis. Diagnosis reports are further divided into subcategories (you can view them on the Diagnosis page, by clicking Monitoring > Diagnosis on the main menu), which are used on the Customize Reports page.

The Customize Reports page displays a complete list of all report sets available to your account.

On the Customize Report Sets page, click a report set title or its View link to display it. For more information see Monitoring a system with report sets.

To permanently remove report sets from your account, select their corresponding check boxes to the right, and click Delete.

For more details, refer to these topics:

Sorting report sets

You can reorder the reports sets in each category alphabetically using the Sort Report Sets link (located at the bottom of the Customize Report Sets page).

Figure 39. Sort Report Sets

When you click the Sort Report Sets link, a window appears. Click OK to sort the report sets alphabetically in each section of the Customize Report Sets page. You can also rearrange where report sets appear in their respective categories by clicking the and buttons.

Resetting and copying a report set

Clicking Reset Report Sets displays the Reset Report Sets window.

Select Use default report sets, then click Submit to reset all report sets to their original settings. This does not affect any new custom report sets you may have created on your own. Use this feature with caution since it overwrites any changes you have made to your report sets since your account was first created.

The Reset Report Sets window also allows you to replace your entire package of report sets with that from another user account. This is useful when another user has created several report sets that you would like to use. Select copy from user, then select a user from the box.

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