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Foglight Experience Monitor 5.8.1 - SQL Reference Guide

Foglight Experience Monitor SQL reference
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Appendix: Column description Appendix: Example queries

Value Count tables

ValueCount tables contain distribution and reference counter metrics for objects that the system is monitoring. The ResourceID column identifies the resource.

Each record in a ValueCount table represents a single data point for a distribution or reference counter metric. The Value and Count columns have different meanings depending on the type of metric which is identified by the MeasureID column (see MeasureID in Appendix A).

Identifies a specific bucket of the distribution. Buckets are configurable in the web console and are numbered starting from 0.

Number of items in a specific bucket of the distribution.

Identifies a specific HTTP code. See HTTP codes in Appendix A for a complete list.

Number of times the HTTP code appeared for this resource.

Resource tables

The Resource tables contain the internal and the display names of resources (or objects) that the system has monitored. For example, a Page resource with the name that appears in the web resource has an entry in its resource table that correlates the resource’s unique identifier with the page name.

Relation tables

Relation tables contain records that associate two related resources in the system. For example, for every Page resource in the system a relation table will contain a list of related Hit resources.

Alarm database

The Alarm database contains records for alarms that have been triggered by the system. It contains two tables: Alarm and Action.

For details, see these topics:

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