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Foglight Experience Monitor 5.8.1 - Installation and Administration Guide

Installing and configuring Multi-appliance clusters Configuring the appliance Specifying monitored web traffic Transforming monitored URLs Managing applications Foglight components and the appliance Using the console program Troubleshooting the appliance Appendix: Third party software Appendix: Dell PowerEdge system appliance

Database performance

This display reports how long it takes for records to be loaded to and from the database during a standard five-minute cycle over a period of time (default: two hours). Database loading occurs whenever incoming traffic data is written, or existing data is called through report generation in the web console.

It is not unusual for the displayed load time to exceed thirty seconds; however, if this occurs consistently, it is indicative that preventative or corrective measures should be taken. The latter is accomplished by making better use of filters when searching through resources. Preventative measures include reducing the number of monitored servers, or creating URL transformations that result in fewer processed URLs.

Error rates

This display summarizes all transmission-related errors over a period of time (default: two hours). Rates are reported for:

All of these reported rates should be zero, or at a low percentage. High rates occur for different reasons, depending on the type of error. For example, dropped packets or missing segments are signs that the appliance may be overloaded. Meanwhile, SSL errors can happen for a variety of reasons, including incorrectly configured SSL keys, security-related communication conflicts, or errors from dropped packets or missing segments.

Using the appliance support tools

The Support Tools page provides tools to help you investigate and troubleshoot any issues you may be having with the appliance. Many of the support tools would normally be used with the assistance of a technical support representative.

Figure 120. Support Tools page

For more information, see these topics:

Install log

The install log provides details about which version of the appliance, patch and upgrade that were installed on the system. These may be useful to Customer Support representatives to help solve a problem.

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