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Foglight Experience Monitor 5.8.1 - Installation and Administration Guide

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Report sets are not updating

Users may report that report sets are no longer updating with new data.

The example above shows that the report sets have not updated in ten days.

The cause of this behavior is most likely one of the following:

Confirming system health

The System Health page is a special Monitoring Report that provides a summary of the health of the appliance and its environment.

Figure 119. System Health page

For more information, see these topics:

System performance

This display reports on memory and CPU usage by the appliance over a period of time (default: two hours). Generally, memory usage and CPU usage up to 80% capacity is tolerable. If usage of either resource exceeds 80% of the total capacity, the appliance is overloaded. If this occurs regularly, it is indicative that the appliance work load should be lightened by reducing the number of monitored servers.

System events

This display indicates whether the appliance agent’s performance has degraded enough to generate a system-level event. This includes low memory warnings and agent restarts.

The two agent-specific reports show how many times the agent’s memory use exceeded its allocated share, and how often it had to restart. Agent restarts can happen for various reasons, including the exceeding its allocated share of memory. In most cases, incidents of continuous memory warnings and restarts indicate the appliance is overloaded, and can be remedied by reducing the number of monitored servers.

The appliance agent is a component of the appliance, or system as a whole. Memory consumption for the entire system is also reported here, and can help confirm whether other non-agent resources are contributing to high memory usage.

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