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Foglight Experience Monitor 5.8.1 - Installation and Administration Guide

Installing and configuring Multi-appliance clusters Configuring the appliance Specifying monitored web traffic Transforming monitored URLs Managing applications Foglight components and the appliance Using the console program Troubleshooting the appliance Appendix: Third party software Appendix: Dell PowerEdge system appliance

Displaying information for monitor devices

The Monitor Devices menu displays the network configuration information for the ports that are available for monitoring on the appliance. The main menu displays a list of NIC ports. The link detected status means that the NIC is active. Select the NIC port whose information you would like to view.

Select a NIC port and view the device status.

To read the entire report, use the arrow keys to scroll down. To return to the Monitor Devices screen, tab to OK and press Enter.

Advanced network settings

From the Networking Options menu, select Advanced Network Settings. The menu displays advanced settings for a routing configuration.

Routing Configuration

Allows you to create custom routings. This options opens the YAST® Route Configuration screen.

Alt + X

Allows you to enter advanced network configurations such as custom routes.

Alt + B

Accesses the Back command. Returns you to the Advanced Network Settings menu.

Alt + R

Abort the current process and return to the Advanced Network Settings menu

Alt + F

Finishes and saves the routing configuration.

System date and time configuration

The System Date/Time Configuration menu options allow users to change the following:

The appliance clock can also be synchronized with a Network Time Protocol (NTP) server. For more information, see Designating Time Servers and Network Time Servers (NTP).

For more information, see these topics:

System date configuration

The System Date Configuration menu allows users to set the month, day and year of the appliance. Use the tab key to move between month, year and calendar day settings. While in one of the options (for example, month) use the arrow keys to move between selections (calendar months).

You receive the following message when the date is changed.

Figure 102. Success message

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