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Foglight Experience Monitor 5.8.1 - Installation and Administration Guide

Installing and configuring Multi-appliance clusters Configuring the appliance Specifying monitored web traffic Transforming monitored URLs Managing applications Foglight components and the appliance Using the console program Troubleshooting the appliance Appendix: Third party software Appendix: Dell PowerEdge system appliance

Configuring the appliance for data communication

Before data collection can begin on the Foglight Management Server, you need to establish communication between Foglight and the Foglight Experience Monitor, by configuring the following settings on the appliance:

Configure the Foglight Server IP address and the Foglight Server Port on the Network Settings page. To navigate to this page, click Configure > Appliance > Network Settings.
Select the metrics that you want to export to the Foglight Management Server using the Foglight Metrics page. To navigate to this page, click Configure > Reporting > Foglight Metrics. After the metrics are configured, the appliance sends the data to Foglight in five-minute intervals. See Exporting metrics to Foglight.

Exporting metrics to Foglight

You can configure a list of metrics that you want the appliance to export to the Foglight Management Server using the metric categories that appear on the Configure > Reporting > Foglight Metrics page. After the metrics are configured, the appliance sends the data to Foglight in five-minute intervals.

Before you configure metrics for export, you must first configure the metric categories on the Database page. For more information, see Metric categories. Categories that have been disabled on the Database page are not eligible for export regardless if they are configured on the Foglight Metrics page.

When configuring metrics for export, metrics that are contained in child categories, for example Application by City is a child category of Application, are only exported when the parent category (Application) and the corresponding cities are selected.

For example, click Add Application Component. The Resource List page opens.
To refine your search, in the Search text box, type a regular expression to filter the metrics list and click Go.
You can use an asterisk (*) as a wild card to define a segment of the string that matches any combination of characters.
Click Apply.

Synthetic transaction scripts

The Foglight Transaction Recorder is a Foglight component that provides the ability to record and play back synthetic transaction scripts that generate synthetic traffic against a web site. The appliance can detect synthetic transaction scripts, and allows you to associate them with service definitions. For more information, see Configuring synthetic transactions.

Using the console program

The console program is used for performing initial configuration when you first install your appliance. It also contains a number of administrative and troubleshooting features that you may need to use from time to time. This section provides a description of the console program and its capabilities.

For more information, see these topics:

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