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Foglight Experience Monitor 5.8.1 - Installation and Administration Guide

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Connecting to the Foglight Experience Viewer

The Foglight Experience Viewer is an appliance-based solution that gives organizations the ability to capture, store and play back web user sessions in real time for immediate insight into application failures.

With Foglight Experience Viewer, you can store and replay user sessions to see the exact content that was delivered to the user by your application. This gives you a visual and factual record of all end-user and application activity which can be used to troubleshoot application errors, improve application reliability, and analyze user activity.

Foglight Experience Viewer is highly scalable, and manages large amounts of user session data through a distributed relational database across multiple appliances, thus enabling virtually unlimited session storage.

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How Foglight Experience Monitor and Foglight Experience Viewer work together

Foglight Experience Monitor can be configured to transmit HTTP or decoded HTTPS traffic to one or more Foglight Experience Viewer archivers. Foglight Experience Monitor does this by connecting to the Foglight Experience Viewer server and using the obtained configuration information to communicate with the Foglight Experience Viewer archivers. This capability allows both products to operate in a passive mode, utilizing a single network tap that is connected to Foglight Experience Monitor.

This is how Foglight Experience Viewer and Foglight Experience Monitor can use a single network tap to gather and store HTTP and network traffic, respectively.

Connecting the appliance to your network

For instructions on how to install, connect, and configure your appliance, see Installing and configuring. The server rack connection instructions in Connecting the appliance assume that the Foglight Experience Monitor is not being connected to a Foglight Experience Viewer archiver. If you are integrating Foglight Experience Viewer with Foglight Experience Monitor, the network cables are connected differently than described in that procedure. The following diagram shows the connection between a Foglight Experience Monitor R610 machine and a Foglight Experience Viewer R610 appliance.

The next two sections replace the connection steps outlined in Connecting the appliance. Follow the appropriate section, depending on your network environment.

Connecting Foglight Experience Viewer to a Foglight Experience Monitor

Refer to the diagram when following the procedure in this section.

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