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Foglight Experience Monitor 5.8.1 - Installation and Administration Guide

Installing and configuring Multi-appliance clusters Configuring the appliance Specifying monitored web traffic Transforming monitored URLs Managing applications Foglight components and the appliance Using the console program Troubleshooting the appliance Appendix: Third party software Appendix: Dell PowerEdge system appliance

Managing monitored servers

The Servers page lists the web servers monitored by the appliance to which you are currently connected. The Servers page enables you to manage the server list through the addition of new servers, and removal of unwanted servers. You can configure the server settings to monitor secure HTTP traffic for any server (for more information, see Configuring SSL keys) as well as enable a Server IP Identification Tag, if any servers are operating behind a load balancer.

Figure 46. Servers page

For more information, see these topics:

Manually adding a new server

From the Servers page, type an IP address in the text box, and then click Add. You can also enter a range of addresses (for example,

Automatically discovering servers

If you want the appliance to find web servers for you, you can use auto-discover and it will analyze network traffic and list all the servers it discovers that have traffic for ports that are configured on the Protocols page.

Click Auto-Discover Servers to begin the server detection process.
To stop the auto-discovery process, click Stop at any point and use the server list that has been compiled up to that point.
Click Add.

Removing servers

On the main Servers page, you can delete a server entry by selecting its corresponding check box, then clicking Delete.

Check All can be used to select all entries for deletion, and Clear All is used to clear any entries that were selected for deletion.

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