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Foglight Experience Monitor 5.8.1 - Installation and Administration Guide

Installing and configuring Multi-appliance clusters Configuring the appliance Specifying monitored web traffic Transforming monitored URLs Managing applications Foglight components and the appliance Using the console program Troubleshooting the appliance Appendix: Third party software Appendix: Dell PowerEdge system appliance

System information in a multi-appliance setup

If you have a multiple-appliance cluster, the System Information page on each probe displays the status of communications with the portal.

Figure 40. Portal status

On the portal, this page displays the last communication time for each probe in the cluster.

This page allows you to reassign configuration settings for an existing probe to a different IP address.

From the System Information page, in the Probe section, click Move next to the probe that you want to reconfigure.
In the IP Address box, ensure this is the IP address of the existing probe.
In the New IP Address box, type the IP address of the appliance that you want to serve as the portal.

On occasion you might want to remove the configuration settings for a probe that no longer exists or has been assigned a different IP address.

From the System Information page, in the Probe section, click the Remove link next to the probe that you want to reconfigure.
Click OK to the message to remove the configuration settings for the probe.

Viewing and changing the license

Your appliance should arrive with a permanent license key previously configured, but there may be circumstances in which only a temporary 90-day license key was installed. If your appliance has a temporary license key, you need to obtain a permanent license key and configure using the steps detailed below.

License key changes can be performed by clicking Change the license for the appliance on the main System Information page. This displays the System Information Appliance License page.

The License Type is displayed. If your appliance is still using a temporary license key, the number of Days Remaining is shown. If the License Key box contains a key, then your appliance is already configured with a license.

Each appliance generates a Host ID which is based on its unique hardware characteristics. You need to provide this Host ID in order to obtain a new license key from Technical Support.

Database repair log

The Database Repair Log displays the database repair process and appears immediately after an upgrade when the appliance is restarting.The database repair process is an expected part of the upgrade and typically only lasts for a few minutes, although if there are corrupt tables that need to be repaired the process can take up to one hour to complete the repair process.

Updating the appliance

Periodically, Quest releases a new version of the Foglight Experience Monitor software. You can access the Upgrade page by navigating to Help > Upgrade.

You should exercise caution when upgrading an appliance, since the upgrade may include changes that require an adjustment period on the part of your users (for example, significant changes to the web console). The upgrade process can take anywhere from 15 minutes to 8 hours depending on the complexity of the changes required to upgrade the configuration and metric databases. During this time, the web console is not available.

For more information, see Installing an upgrade.

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