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Foglight Evolve 9.0 - Upgrade Guide

Component versions

The upgrade process automatically updates your product components to the following version numbers:

NOTE: Foglight Resource Optimizer provides recommendations for changes in the VMware® or Hyper-V® environments, to make more efficient the use of resources. This requires that the VMware or Hyper-V agent is configured with a user that has elevated privileges, beyond the read-only privileges required for monitoring. For a list of privileges required for the VMware or Hyper-V agent, refer to section “Configuring Monitoring Agents for Data Collection” in the Foglight for VMware User and Reference Guide and Foglight for Hyper-V User and Reference Guide, respectively.

The following independent cartridges are also supported and licensed for use with Foglight Evolve:

The following independent cartridges are supported for use with Foglight Evolve, but are licensed separately:

For a complete list of fixes for any of these components, refer to the release notes that accompany them. If you decide to maintain the version you have of any of the updated components, as opposed to upgrading, you will not acquire the new fixes for that component.

Upgrading to Foglight Evolve

Depending on the products you already have installed, the upgrade path to Foglight Evolve may differ. Refer to the applicable set of instructions for your existing product:

Upgrading Foglight Evolve from Foglight for Virtualization, Enterprise Edition

This section guides you through the process of upgrading Foglight Evolve from Foglight for Virtualization, Enterprise Edition.

A typical Foglight Evolve installation includes a Management Server, at least one Foglight database, a number of cartridges installed on the server, and usually just one installation of the Agent Manager. There may also be customizations to the server in the form of custom cartridges.

The upgrade process updates each of these components to the latest version of Foglight Evolve, automatically:

Some deployed agents may need to be manually updated - for more information see:

Preparing to upgrade Foglight Evolve

Preparing for a Foglight Evolve upgrade from Foglight for Virtualization, Enterprise Edition is straightforward, but may be time-consuming. Before upgrading you should:

Deactivate all agents through the Agent Status dashboard (Dashboards > Administration > Agents > Agent Status).

Some installations monitoring large VMware® environments have customized the VMware agent memory settings. These settings must be reapplied because the upgrade procedure overwrites them with the default settings.

For each Agent Host with existing VMware Performance agents:

On the agent machine, open the baseline.jvmargs.config file for editing. The file is located in the <Agent_Manager_home>/state/default/config directory.
Make note of the vmparameter.x values.
After upgrading and reapplying the values in the baseline.jvmargs.config file, remove the deployed negotiation configuration settings directory (<Agent_Manager_home>/state/default/config/deployments), and restart the Agent Manager.
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