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Foglight Evolve 6.0.0 - Installing Foglight on Windows with an External PostgreSQL Database

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Option 2 - Run SQL scripts to configure the database

If you clicked Create during the database installation step, the SQL scripts in the<foglight_home>\scripts\sql directory are prepared with the provided configuration options. There are four SQL files for each database type ([dbtype]):

You can review these scripts before running them.

You must run the configured scripts against the database using a third-party tool.

NOTE: After running the psql command, you will be prompted for the password. The first two commands you need to type the <DBA_username> password, and the last two commands you need to type the <foglight_username> password.

After you have run all four scripts, you can start the Management Server. Proceed to Starting and stopping the Management Server.

Initializing the database

Initializing the database

For external databases, once the database has been successfully initialized, you can run Foglight.

Accessing the database

Prior to accessing a PostgreSQL® database, you must set the proper code page for Windows® platforms.

The PostgreSQL interactive terminal (psql) is built as a “console application”. The Windows console windows use a different encoding than the rest of the system, so you must take special care when using 8-bit characters within psql. If psql detects a problematic console code page, it generates a warning at startup.

Examples of cases when you must run this command include:

where: 1252 is a code page that is appropriate for German; you must replace it with your value.

For more information, see “Notes for Windows Users” in the PostgreSQL documentation at

Starting and stopping the Management Server

The following sections describe how to start and stop the Management Server:

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