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Foglight Chargeback 5.7.5 - User Guide

Chargeback Roles

The following role is included with Foglight Chargeback to control access to the Chargeback dashboards and reports:

Chargeback Administrator—This role allows users or groups to access the Chargeback dashboard.

For more information about roles, users, and security, see the Administration and Configuration Help and the Managing Virtualized Environments User and Reference Guide.

Getting Started

Start by installing the .car file containing Foglight Chargeback using the Cartridge Inventory dashboard. The cartridge must be enabled to make use of cost models and to generate reports. For complete information about installing and enabling cartridges on the Foglight Management Server, see the Administration and Configuration Help.

Locating the Chargeback Dashboard

After installing Foglight Chargeback, the Chargeback dashboard appears in the navigation panel under Homes and Dashboards.

On the navigation panel, under Dashboards click Chargeback > Chargeback.

Chargeback Data Collection

Any monitored hosts appear in the Chargeback Host Not Assigned To view. No further setup is required to gather data and build chargeback reports.

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