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Foglight Capacity Management 5.7.5 - User Guide

Delete Scenario

From the VM Capacity Planner dashboard, you can delete scenarios no longer required.

Click OK.
Click Delete Scenario.
Click OK.

Select Hosts

After creating a scenario, you select and assign the hosts. Tables provide available hosts to select and list hosts already selected for the open scenarios.

Click Select Hosts.
Assign Hosts—you select the required hosts in the Available Hosts table and move them to the Selected Hosts table. To assign hosts, check the required hosts in Available Hosts, and click Assign. To remove hosts, check the required hosts and click Remove.
Add host instances—you add host instances to replicate a particular host. To add an instance(s), check the required host and click . The host instance tool tip appears. Fill in the required number of instances and click Apply.
Search—use the Search box to type in a partial or the full name of the hosts of interest (if their names share a common string of characters). Clicking the Search lists provides the options of using regular expressions in the search or using advanced search features.
Sort columns—click any of column headers to do an ascending or descending sort.
Selecting or Deselecting All hosts—selecting the box next to Name selects all the hosts. Unchecking this box deselects the hosts.
Click Assign.
Click Finish.

Select Target

After selecting and assigning the required hosts, you select the server to run those hosts against. The target server can be changed at any time to analyze different capacity management usage scenarios.

To select a target:

Click Select Target.
Click Finish.

Included Hosts

The Included host view shows the number of hosts in the capacity management scenario that provide sufficient data to contribute to the charts displayed in the Scenario Modeler.

Clicking the Customizer icon, allows you to customize columns.

Figure 36. Customizer icon

The Search box allows you to search individual hosts.

Figure 37. Search box

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