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Foglight Capacity Director 6.0.0 - User Guide (Lite version)

See Environment Model in Capacity Director

Click the See Environment Foglight Capacity Director Lite link to navigate to the Resource Utilization view > Clusters tab.

Quick view

The quick view is located on the lower part of the Capacity Management tab, and includes the following tabs:


Current Capacity Tab

The Current Capacity view displays information about the current capacity of a selected virtual center or datacenter. It includes the following two panes:

VirtualCenter/Hosts Overview pane: Provides details about Current Capacity and Constraint, and allows you to select the Datastore information and Slot Size.
Clusters/Hosts pane: Consists of two tabs:


NOTE: Enabling or disabling the HA policy, which is configured in vCenter®, is only applicable for the Clusters tab in the Current Capacity view. If the HA policy is enabled for a cluster, Foglight Capacity Director Lite calculates the cluster resources and reserve the cluster resources that are required to satisfy the HA policy. A green check mark appears in the HA column when the HA policy is enabled.
NOTE: When performance issues are prompted, click the message to open the Alarm view and check the detailed information.

VirtualCenter/Hosts Overview pane

After selecting a virtual center or datacenter by using the Group selector located at the top of the dashboard, Foglight Capacity Director Lite calculates the capacity of the selected center in the background and displays the following information on the VirtualCenter/Hosts Overview pane:

Current Capacity: Includes information about the following metrics: Running VMs, Available VMs, and Total VMs.
Constraint: Includes information about the following metrics: Cluster Name and Time to Full.
Datastore(s) Included: Allows you to select from the drop-down list the datastores.
Slot Size: Allows you to select from the drop-down list the size of the virtual machine (the slot size).
NOTE: The Clusters/Hosts pane is automatically updated to reflect the selection made.
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