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erwin Data Intelligence Suite 11.0 - erwin DI Suite Release Notes

erwin DI Suite

Release Notes

erwin Data Intelligence Suite (DI Suite) v11.0 Release Notes walk you through the new features and guides you to the technical documentation.


What's New

The latest erwin Data Intelligence Suite (DI Suite) version, v11.0, has the following new features:


Enterprise Tags

Association Using Qualifiers

Improved AIMatch Engine

i18N Support

XSD and JSON Scanner

Productivity Enhancements

The following sections explain each feature in brief. For detailed information about features, refer to the Detailed Features List.


erwin DI Suite now comes with configurable dashboards that provide you the visibility to understand, find, and govern your data. Configure them to display data that matters to you and drill down into details of each piece of information. You can view the dashboards at,

    • The Data Catalog Dashboard in the Metadata Manager displays information of technical assets, data catalog, top technical assets in data lineage, sensitive data summary, upcoming scheduled scans, and more.
    • The Data Literacy Dashboard in the Business Glossary Manager displays information of business assets based on creation of trends, associations, and domains. It further demonstrates a summary of top contributors, top responsibilities, and top tags across your organization from the business glossary manager.

Enterprise Tags

erwin DI Suite now offers enterprise tagging for all business assets. Enterprise tags enable you to classify and organize business assets into categories. Thus, speeding up data discovery. Create a centralized enterprise tags list or create them on the fly.

Association Using Qualifiers

erwin DI Suite now enables you to associate business assets and technical assets based on a unique qualifier. This capability enables you to generate a mind map based on associations that are uniquely identified by a business or technical asset.

Improved AIMatch Engine

The improved AIMatch engine includes parsing in NLP across column definition, logical name, expanded logical name, and comments in its algorithm to provide more accurate matches and efficient asset discovery. In addition, it enables you to detect, flag, and link sensitive data to technical assets using GDPR, CCPA, and other compliance templates.

i18N Support

erwin DI Suite offers i18N support that provides multiple language support. You can now capture technical and business assets in a language that works for you.

XSD and JSON Scanner

erwin DI Suite now has XSD and JSON Scanners:

  • XSD Scanner: It enables you to drag and drop the inner table as a column for hierarchical database types.

  • JSON Scanner: It enables you to scan multiple ZIP files and update JSON Physical Table and Column Name.

Productivity Enhancements

Apart from the full features, erwin DI Suite comes packed with several enhancements that offer improved user experience and work efficiency:

Multi-Asset Mind Maps

You can now select multiple business assets and generate mind maps.

Business Asset Search

You can now search business assets across or within catalogs and narrow down the results further using the search and filter options. Thus, improving asset accessibility.

Business and Technical Asset Sharing

You can now share shortcut links of business assets and technical assets with anyone via an email or a medium of your choice.

UI Facelift

erwin DI Suite offers an improved user experience with its redesigned application menu and overall asset navigation.

Technical Documentation

The technical documentation, including the installation, configuration, and user guides is available in the erwin DI Suite v 11.0 Bookshelf.



Product Licensing

For licensing information, contact Support or use the web licensing form, or contact your license administrator.



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