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Enterprise Reporter 3.2.2 - Report Manager User Guide

Quest Enterprise Reporter Report Manager Introducing the Report Manager Running and Scheduling Reports Creating and Editing Reports Troubleshooting Issues with Enterprise Reporter

Configuring Knowledge Portal

In order to configure the Report Manager so that you can publish reports, you must provide:

On the System Configuration page, click Configure Knowledge Portal used by Enterprise Reporter.

Publishing Reports to Knowledge Portal

Reporting administrators can publish any report to Knowledge Portal. Once published, users with access can generate these reports from a web browser.

You can publish an entire container at once. All reports in the container will appear in a flat list, even if they were originally in a subcontainer in Enterprise Reporter.

If you intend to publish reports to a custom path in SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS), additional permissions must be configured.

For any path outside of the QKP | Enterprise Reporter path and its subdirectories, the Reporter_Reporting_Admins and Reporter_Reporting_Operators groups must be given to the SSRS Browser role on the QKP | Enterprise Reporter | Shared Resources location.
Click Publish to Knowledge Portal.

You can now run this report from Knowledge Portal. For details, see your Knowledge Portal administrator or see the Knowledge Portal User Guide in the Technical Documentation.

- OR -

If your report had errors, click Open Log and examine the details in the log to determine what issues to resolve, then click Close.

Troubleshooting Issues with Enterprise Reporter

Troubleshooting Connectivity Issues

Each console maintains connections to the Enterprise Reporter server and to the SQL Server® database that stores Enterprise Reporter data. A loss of either connection causes problems. Figure 4 outlines the connections between the components and the server and database.

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