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Enterprise Reporter 3.2.2 - Report Manager User Guide

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Creating a Calculated Field

Calculated fields are data fields that can be created to perform calculations over different data fields in your report.

To edit the existing layout, click the Layout button, then click the Edit this layout in the layout designer button.
Click the Fields List tab.
To open the Expression Editor, click Expression property and click .
Click OK to save the calculated field.

Creating a Script to Run with a Report

Scripting allows you to insert scripts into a report and run them when the report is previewed, printed, or exported. Script commands should be placed within the event handlers of the report objects. When the corresponding event occurs (for example, a mouse click), the script code runs.

Script languages supported include C#, Visual Basic® and J#.

To edit the existing layout, click the Layout button, then click the Edit this layout in the layout designer button.
On the Property Grid in the Behavior section, expand the Scripts property and click the event on which to run the script.
Click OK to save changes and exit the script editor.
Click the Designer tab to return to the Report Designer to continue editing the report.

Publishing Reports

Reporting administrators can publish reports that will be useful to their users. When a report is added to the Published Reports container, it is visible to all reporting users the next time they open their console. These reports are generally customized to suit your environment. You can base a published report on a report from the library, or you can create a new report and publish it. If you are a reporting administrator, you can edit reports directly in Published Reports; however, it is recommended that you copy reports to My Reports for editing.

If you have many published reports, you can create categories to group your reports for easier access. For information on copying reports, see Copying Reports . For information on categories, see Working with Report Categories .

Publishing Reports to Knowledge Portal

Knowledge Portal is a cross product online reporting platform. Once Knowledge Portal is deployed, you can configure Enterprise Reporter for publishing. Reports can then be published, allowing users to generate reports using a web browser instead of the Report Manager.

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