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Enterprise Reporter 3.2.2 - Report Manager User Guide

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Copying Reports

You can copy reports between containers or between categories. You can also copy a report if you want to create variations of the same report: copy the report, and then edit the settings as needed. For more information, see Editing Reports .

Right-click the report and click Copy, then right-click the desired destination, and click Paste.

Deleting Reports

If you no longer need a report, you can delete it. Reports are permanently deleted, so make sure you no longer need the report before deleting it. When you delete a report, you also remove any scheduled instances of the report.


Creating and Editing Reports

Editing Reports

You can modify reports by changing the fields that are included in the report, adding or modifying the report parameters, or changing the layout and appearance of the report. For more information, see Help Finding and Creating Custom Reports .

You can only edit reports in the My Reports container.If you are a reporting administrator, you may also edit reports in the Published Reports container; however, it is recommended that you copy reports to My Reports for editing.

You may be editing reports for different reasons, for example:

You can show a preview of the changes you have made to your report to review your edits.

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