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DR Series DR2000v - 배포 안내서 정보

Specifications and notes for using the DR2000v

Virtual Tape Library (VTL) support is available on the DR2000v in demo mode for trial and proof of concept only. To learn more about this functionality, contact your Dell sales representative to request a VTL demo license for the DR2000v. To download the trial version, visit the following link:
For more information on DR2000v license limits, see the Dell DR Series System Interoperability Guide. For more information about DR2000v Hyperscale licensing, contact your Dell sales representative or Dell support.

Hyervisor host NIC driver updates for VMQ

irmware for NetXtreme I and NetXtreme II Ethernet adapter:

DR2000v NIC settings

Ensure the virtual switch settings MAC address changes and Forged Transmits are set to Accept, if you are planning to use eth-1 in an ESXi hypervisor environment.
If you are making any network setting changes on your hypervisor, execute the stats –network CLI command to list all the NIC ports status, especially with the Rx/Tx counts.

Setting up the license for the DR2000v

The License File Location field is displayed.
In the License file location, click Browse to choose the DR2000v license file.
Click Install License.
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