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Coexistence Manager for Notes 3.8.2 - Release Notes

System requirements

Domino server requirements

All CMN components

Domino 6.5.1–6.5.6
Domino 7.0.0–7.0.4
Domino 8.0.0–8.0.2
Domino 8.5.0–8.5.3
Domino 9.0.0–9.0.1
Domino 10.0.0–10.0.1

Directory Connector

LDAP read and write access to the Domino server, to enable its connectors’ queries and data transmissions. The account used to access Domino must have Add and Delete access to the names.nsf database on the Domino server. To configure this, see CMN User Guide chapter 2, step 2 of the DC's configuration instructions.
For Domino 6.5.x (only): Must disable constraint checking on LDAP writes.

Mail Connector

For Domino 6.5.1–6.5.6 systems (only): Communications between Domino and the CMN Mail Connector are improved by configuring a Domino 7 or 8 server to act as a bridgehead between CMN and the existing Domino 6 environment.

Free/Busy Connector

On Domino server hosting QCalCon task:

Microsoft PowerShell 2.0 or later, 32- or 64-bit (a component of Windows Management Framework, which comes with any supported operating system, or can be downloaded at this Microsoft link).
Also: In some environments this command may be necessary to enable the PowerShell layer using remote PowerShell:

Notes client on end-user workstations requirements

CMN Mail Connector and/or Free/Busy Connector

Notes 6.5.1–6.5.6
Notes 7.0.0–7.0.4
Notes 8.0.0–8.0.2
Notes 8.5.0–8.5.3
Notes 9.0.0–9.0.1
Domino 10.0.0–10.0.1

Exchange server requirements

Exchange 2019: RTM

Exchange 2016: RTM

Exchange 2013: RTM or SP1

CAS Array — in Exchange 2013 (RTM) or

Exchange 2010 (RTM, SP1, SP2 or SP3)

Exchange 2010: RTM, SP1, SP2 or SP3

• *

Exchange 2007: SP1, SP2 or SP3

Exchange 2007: RTM


Office 365



Table 11. Apple iPhone support: CMN processes Notes-to-Exchange messages so they will be compatible with Apple iPhone's iOS6 and iOS7.

Directory Connector

An Exchange user account granted membership in Exchange View-Only Administrators (Exchange 2007) or Organization Management (Exchange 2010/2013/2016/2019). This user must be added to the ACL for the Windows domain, and must have Create and Delete All Child Objects permissions applied onto This object and all descendant objects (domain object Properties | Security tab | Advanced Security Settings | Edit).

Mail Connector

Smart hosts must be configured, if not using internal routing domains. (See Email coexistence before and after CMN in User Guide chapter 3.)

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