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Coexistence Manager for Notes 3.8.1 - Release Notes

Upgrade and installation instructions

Before you begin, review the Deployment considerations above, and map out your intended deployment before you install CMN components. If you are upgrading from an earlier version of CMN, be sure to also see Upgrade and compatibility above for important upgrade considerations and guidance.

If you are upgrading your Directory Connector from an earlier version

The Directory Connector's underlying engine, which facilitates data transfers between the Domino directory and Active Directory, was replaced in version 3.7. There is no automatic upgrade path to this new 3.7 Directory Connector from any earlier version. If you are upgrading from any version earlier than 3.7, you must uninstall the earlier version, and then install the 3.8.1 version. You will, however, be able to import your existing (pre-3.7) DC configuration data into the new Directory Connector.

Use Windows’ Programs and Features (Vista or later) or Add or Remove Programs tool (both in Windows’ Control Panel), to uninstall your previous Directory Connector version. Note the following:

After uninstalling any pre-3.7 CMN Directory Connector, you may install the 3.8.1 version.

Verify that your environment conforms to the System requirements specified above. Several of the required third-party components may be downloaded from links on the AutoRun Prerequisites tab.
When you are ready to install, select the AutoRun Install tab. CMN components are listed separately and installed independently.
Click the name of the component you want to install. Then click Next, and read and accept the license agreement.
Follow the remaining instructions and prompts in the CMN Installer, and click Finish from the last screen to complete the installation.
NOTE: If you are upgrading from a pre-3.7 version of CMN and the target Exchange version is 2013 CU4 or below, you must check the box Is Exchange 2013 CU4 or below for all upgraded Directory Connectors, in the Target Domain information page of the Directory Connector wizard. This check box is unchecked by default.

The last screen of the Install utility contains a checkbox (marked by default) to automatically run CMN’s Management Console for the CMN component you just installed. If you leave the checkbox marked, the Management Console will run when you click the Finish button from the Installer. In any case, the Finish button will close the Install utility and return you to the AutoRun Install tab. If you left the Management Console checkbox marked, it will run in a separate window over the CMN Autorun.

If you have chosen to run the Management Console upon exit from the Install utility:

When you close the Management Console, you will be back on the AutoRun Install tab.

If you are upgrading your Directory Connector from a CMN 3.7 version, and have just installed the new 3.8.1 version but have not yet run the CMN Management Console:

Navigate to the DC's installation directory (typically C:\Program Files\Quest\Coexistence Manager for Notes\Directory Connector), and run the DC upgrade utility from the command line: CMN.Apps.DirectoryConnector.UpdateConfiguration.exe

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