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Coexistence Manager for GroupWise 1.7 - User Guide

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CMG Free/Busy Connector

GroupWise and Exchange implement calendar free/busy queries differently, and neither side can read the availability status of users on the other system without some way to interpret and translate the queries and data replies. CMG’s Free/Busy (F/B) Connector is a coordinated set of services that let Exchange and GroupWise users query calendar availability across both systems.

Meanwhile, Exchange and GroupWise also both require services to facilitate data communications with external data sources and destinations. In some scenarios the respective environments can provide some services to facilitate these data flows, but the complete bidirectional flow of queries and replies between the two environments requires additional services, and these are provided by CMG’s Free/Busy (F/B) Connector.

Data flow in typical FBC scenarios

This section explains how free/busy queries and replies flow through CMG’s Free/Busy Connector in typical scenarios—in this case, for F/B coexistence between GroupWise 8 or later, and Exchange 2007 or later.

Exchange user requests F/B data from GroupWise

The illustration below shows how three Free/Busy Connector subcomponents work together when an Exchange user requests free/busy data for a GroupWise user. The step numbers in this simplified process narrative correspond to the circled numbers in the illustration.

In this scenario Sally, an Exchange user, wants to book a meeting with Joe, a GroupWise user. Joe’s email address is Exchange resolves "" through DNS. DNS has a zone with a host The host name must match the common name (of the certificate you requested) where CMG is installed.

GroupWise user requests F/B data from Exchange

GroupWise-to-Exchange is similar, although the GroupWise interface to external data is different. Again, the step numbers in this simplified process narrative correspond to the circled numbers in the illustration below.

In this scenario, Joe (a GroupWise user) wants to book a meeting with Sally, an Exchange user, whose email address is

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