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Coexistence Manager for GroupWise 1.7 - User Guide

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Other options you can set per connector

Most of a connector’s configuration settings are entered and edited in the Connector Creation Wizard, as described in the preceding section, but a few other settings can be entered in a separate Advanced Settings dialog box (see Connector Advanced Settings below), and still other features can be set or enabled/disabled as described in the subtopics here.

Configuring the <AppendAttributes> parameter

The <AppendAttributes> parameter lets you specify a list of one or more target attributes whose values will be appended to, rather than replaced by, a connector running in Update mode. That is, for each object in the directory, the value of each designated attribute in the source will be added to any existing value in the target.

This parameter is optional, and is configured separately for each DC connector in the connector's section of the DC Configuration.xml file. To designate the attribute(s) that should function this way in Update mode, find (or add) the <AppendAttributes> tags for the connector, and enter the names of the target attributes separated by a pipe character ("|") between the tags, like this:


To limit connector scope to only particular GroupWise domains and postoffices

The Directory Connector lets you limit the scope of a Groupwise-to-Exchange connector to include only particular GroupWise domains and postoffices. This feature is configured by the <GwDomainPoRules> parameter in the <ConnectorSetting> section of each connector definition in the Directory Connector's configuration file (configuration.xml). The parameter accepts multiple domain and postoffice values, separated by pipe ("|") characters, as in this example:

By default (if the parameter is omitted from a connector definition) the connector will include all GroupWise domains and postoffices. Likewise, if no postoffice is specified for any given domain, the connector wil include all postoffices for the domain. Note that the scope of domains and postoffices defined by this parameter precedes (is at a higher level than) the Source Scope feature (described under Advanced Settings tab: object filtering features).

To synchronize other (non-user) object types

CMG’s Directory Connector lets you synchronize dynamic distribution lists and other non-user object types between the source and target directories. This feature is enabled (or not) and configured independently per connector, by modifying the connector’s section in the Directory Connector configuration.xml file.

The following xml attributes can be used to overwrite the default values for the source or target object type used during synchronization:



To use one of these values to change the default source or target object type:

Edit the Configuration.xml file located in the Directory Connector directory.
Find the configuration section (<ConnectorSetting>) for the connector you intend to modify and add a line for the desired xml attribute as shown in the example below. The new line is shown here in bold red, italicized. In this example, the SourceGroupObject is used to modify the default value Groups to the value msExchDynamicDistribList:
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