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Coexistence Manager for GroupWise 1.7 - Quick Start Guide

Product licensing

Quest Coexistence Manager for GroupWise is a metered-use product that requires the application of a valid license key. When the product is installed you must install a Quest license key before you can run any CMG Windows service and before the CMG Management Console will save any configuration entries. The license key must be installed in the CMG Management Console, in the Common | Licenses screen.

You can obtain your first or a subsequent license key by contacting a Quest Software sales representative. For either a trial or perpetual license, the key takes the form of a file CoexManagerGroupWise-###-#####.asc (where ###-##### represents your unique license number), sent to you from Quest Licensing as an email attachment.

If you are upgrading from an earlier version of CMG, the automated upgrade process will transfer the existing license key into the new version, so you do not have to re-install it.

To install your license key if you are installing CMG for the first time:

Copy to your Desktop, or to some other convenient location, the license file (CoexManagerGroupWise-###-#####.asc) sent to you by email from Quest Licensing.
If you have not installed CMG, run the Setup program to install the software.
Once the software is installed, run the CMG Management Console. Select Licenses under the Common section of the Management Console. Click the Update License… button. Select your license, and then click OK.
You may review your installed licenses in the Licenses section of the configuration utility.
If you have previously installed a trial or other permanent license on your computer, you can upgrade to your new license by using the License screen within the Configuration utility. Click on the Update License… button to direct the program to the License Key file.

Configuring Quest Coexistence Manager for GroupWise

CMG’s three primary components are installed, configured and run independently. Each component’s operation requires the connection and coordination of three separate environments: the GroupWise and Exchange environments, and the workstation(s) between them hosting the CMG applications. CMG operations also require the use of accounts with suitable access rights to Exchange and GroupWise, and of course the CMG components themselves must be configured for your own environment and operational preferences.

CMG component operations are configured and controlled by settings and values entered in a Management Console—for names and locations of mail servers and directories, scope of operations, operational options, scheduled runs, and so forth. The CMG Management Console is used to configure all three CMG components, although different components’ settings are managed on different screens.

Detailed configuration instructions for CMG components are beyond the scope of this Quick-Start Guide. Those instructions and pertinent notes are provided in the CMG User Guide and, for the Free/Busy Connector, the FBC Configuration Guide.

Uninstalling CMG components

To uninstall a CMG component: Use the Add/Remove Programs feature of Windows’ Control Panel.

CMG components appear in the list alphabetically, beginning with Quest Coexistence Manager for GroupWise....

Remember that CMG components can be uninstalled only from the computers on which they reside.


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