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Coexistence Manager for GroupWise 1.7 - Quick Start Guide


The installation media for CMG includes an autorun.exe application. The AutoRun application provides access to useful information and links to tools needed for the CMG product, including:

The AutoRun Install tab includes links to install CMG components, and some additional tools:

Software Updates: Includes a link to versions of CMG available for download.
Coexistence Manager for GroupWise Mail Connector: Includes a link to open the CMG Mail Connector Setup Wizard.
Coexistence Manager for GroupWise Directory Connector: Includes a link to open the CMG Directory Connector Setup Wizard.
Coexistence Manager for GroupWise Free/Busy Connector: Includes a link to open the CMG Free/Busy Setup Wizard.
PowerGUI: Includes a link to open the Quest PowerGUI Installation Wizard. PowerGUI is an extensible graphical administrative IDE for managing systems based on Windows PowerShell.
Mobile IT: Mobile IT allows administrators to take advantage of Quest tools from their mobile devices.
Mobile Pack: Provides CMG information to the Mobile IT system.

Installing Quest Coexistence Manager for GroupWise

The CMG AutoRun installer lets you choose the CMG component you want to install, and must be run on the computer where you want to install the component. (If you want to install different CMG components on different computers, you must run AutoRun on each computer.)

Upgrade considerations

A 1.5.0.x Directory Connector (only) must be uninstalled before you can install the current 1.6 version in its place. Use Windows' Add/Remove Programs feature (in the Control Panel) to uninstall the earlier Directory Connector version, and then install the current DC version as a fresh install. This process will preserve your configuration settings from the earlier DC version.

There is no need to uninstall a version 1.5.5 or 1.5.6 CMG Directory Connector, or any version 1.5.x Mail Connector or Free/Busy Connector, before installing this new version. The CMG AutoRun application will detect these previous versions and install the new software accordingly.

There is no need to uninstall a version 1.4 CMG before installing this new version. The CMG AutoRun application will detect any previous version 1.4.x and install the new software accordingly. But see Upgrading the Directory Connector from a pre-1.5 version and Upgrading the Free/Busy Connector below for some helpful tips.

There is no direct upgrade path to CMG 1.6.5 from any pre-1.4 version of CMG. To upgrade from a pre-1.4 version to CMG 1.5.6 you must first upgrade to 1.4 (as described in the Quick-Start Guide for that version), and then upgrade to 1.5.6.

The Directory Connector's underlying engine was updated in version 1.5, requiring a reconfiguration of the associated SQL database. This release of CMG includes a special utility that can perform this reconfiguration automatically. After you have upgraded the DC software:

Find and run the file CMX.Apps.QcUpgradeConfiguration.exe (in the Directory Connector's installation directory, typically C:\Program Files\Quest\Coexistence Manager for GroupWise\Directory Connector).

This utility should be run just once, before your first run of the Directory Connector after you upgrade from a pre-1.5 version.

Upon upgrading a pre-1.6 version of the Free/Busy Connector to CMG 1.6, the F/B Management Console may ask if you want to "save changes" to the configuration even if you haven't made any changes. This may be confusing, but the Console is actually detecting changes that accompanied the FBC upgrade, so just confirm that you want to save the changes, and the Console will not ask again.

To install Quest Coexistence Manager for GroupWise

If you choose to not disable UAC while installing CMG, then you must perform this procedure for CMG to work properly:

NOTE: Running the installer with admin privileges will not negate the need for this workaround.
Review the Deployment considerations above, and map out your intended deployment before you begin to install CMG components.
Download Quest Coexistence Manager for GroupWise from the website, and extract all files into a temporary folder. Then run AutoRun.exe from the installation folder.
Note: You could instead simply insert a CMG product CD, which runs the AutoRun utility automatically.
In the AutoRun utility you can browse product information including the Prerequisites and all CMG Documentation before installing the product.
Verify that your environment conforms to the System requirements specified above, and in the CMG Release Notes. Several of the required third-party components may be downloaded from links on the AutoRun Prerequisites tab.
When you are ready to install, select the AutoRun Install tab. CMG components are listed separately and installed independently.
Click Next, and then read and accept the license agreement.

The checker can also be run independently from your Windows Start menu, in the Quest | Coexistence Manager for GroupWise group. The Prerequisites Checker log file is written to %SystemDrive%\ProgramData\Quest\.

Click Finish from the last screen to complete the installation. The CMG Installer then exits, and returns you to the Autorun utility, on the Install tab. If you are installing the Free/Busy Connector and have marked the Prerequisites Checker checkbox, that wizard now runs (in a separate window).
When you are finished installing components and browsing other tabs, click the Close box ([X] in the top-right corner of the window) to close the AutoRun utility.
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