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Coexistence Manager for GroupWise 1.7 - FBC Configuration Guide

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Appendix: Troubleshooting the FBC

This Appendix describes the most common problems encountered when installing and using CMG’s FBC, and provides suggestions and procedures that are most likely to resolve them. Many issues can be resolved quickly by reviewing this short list of preliminary checks before calling Quest Support:

Review the component log file(s). You can find valuable information about component errors and warnings in the components’ respective log files. If you call Quest Support and a support engineer can't immediately identify the problem, typically he/she will ask for copies of your log files.
Verify system requirements. CMG problems are often traced back to inconsistencies between the product’s System requirements and the host network’s hardware or software specifications. You may therefore save yourself some time and trouble by simply comparing your local system to the CMG system requirements. System requirements are documented in the Release Notes that accompany each release.
Is this a known limitation or known issue? Check the Known Limitations appendix of the CMG User Guide, and the Known Issues section of the current CMG Release Notes, to see whether the problem might simply be a known limitation of the process.
What has changed since the last server restart? Configuration values are normally updated only when a service is restarted. This can hide a pending problem for weeks or longer until an administrator restarts the services and the changes are applied.

This troubleshooting information is organized in sections by the conditions and symptoms of various problems:

Outlook crashes upon F/B lookup

If an Outlook client repeatedly crashes during F/B lookups, and you are running an Exchange 2007 or Exchange 2010 Client Access Server, the cause may be a known issue in the combination of .NET Framerwork 3.5 SP1 and .NET Framework 2.0 SP2. For more information, see Microsoft’s KnowledgeBase article, and Microsoft Support can point you to a HotFix to resolve this problem.

GroupWise-to-Exchange F/B query connection fails with Office 365

If you are coexisting with Office 365, and CMG’s F/B Connector works fine for a time but then suddenly and consistently fails, the most likely cause is a change in Microsoft’s Autodiscover URL.

Our configuration instructions for the F/B Connector (see Management Console screen: Exchange F/B Connector | Exchange Free/Busy) suggest that, for Office 365, you select the Autodiscover Endpoint connection method, and set the Exchange Autodiscover URL field to this Microsoft URL:

But this is a Microsoft URL that is subject to change, in which case the connection would fail and the Free/Busy Connector would fail. In that case, contact Microsoft to get the new URL, or select the Autodiscover Only method instead.

Outlook users get certificate errors when logging into Outlook

If Outlook users get certificate errors when logging into Outlook, after CMG's F/B Connector has been configured, the most likely cause is a name mismatch in the certificate. Check to verify that the certificate in use on the Exchange server for port 443 is accepting all required named domains. If the error shows a name mismatch, the certificate may not have the required domain.

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