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Coexistence Manager for GroupWise 1.7 - FBC Configuration Guide

About the CMG Documentation Determine your FBC scenario FBC Scenario #1 FBC Scenario #2 FBC Scenario #3 FBC Scenario #4 FBC Scenario #5 FBC Scenario #6 FBC Scenario #7 FBC Scenario #8 FBC Scenario #9 FBC Scenario #10 FBC Scenario #11 FBC Scenario #12 Appendix: FBC Planning Worksheet Appendix: Configuring and troubleshooting the FBC with PowerShell Appendix: Troubleshooting the FBC

About the CMG Documentation

About this Configuration Guide

This FBC Configuration Guide provides process instructions and application notes for installing and configuring CMG’s Free/Busy Connector (FBC) in a variety of environmental scenarios—for various combinations of GroupWise and Exchange environments, in both single (shared) and multiple namespace environments. An introductory chapter explains the environmental variables, and concludes with a short worksheet to help you determine your particular FBC scenario. The next 12 chapters then each describe the complete process for installing and configuring the FBC, GroupWise, Exchange and Active Directory for the particular scenario.

The documentation for Quest Coexistence Manager for GroupWise (CMG) also includes:

Release Notes (printable PDF): Describes the current CMG release—any new and enhanced features, resolved issues, and known issues. Also documents minimum installation requirements, and provides Quest contact information.
Quick-Start Guide (printable PDF): An orientation to the product's basic purposes, features and capabilities, with a case study showing how its primary components are most commonly used within a typical coexistence scenario. Also documents System Requirements, and explains how to download and install the software.
CMG User Guide (printable PDF): Overview of features, deployment considerations and typical configurations for the CMG Directory Connector, Mail Connector and Free/Busy Connector. Also provides process instructions and application notes for installing, configuring, starting and running the CMG Directory Connector and Mail Connector, and explains how to configure the GroupWise and Exchange/AD environments to work with these CMG components. (The same information for the F/B Connector is deferred to this separate FBC Configuration Guide.) The User Guide also provides screen-by-screen field notes for CMG's Management Console software tools, for all three CMG components.
Management Console Online Help (three compiled Windows Help files, one for each CMG component): Field notes and application notes for the screens and features of CMG’s Management Console.

All CMG documentation is intended for network administrators, consultants, analysts, and any other IT professionals who will install or use the product components, or who may help plan for their use in a coexistence scenario. All of these documents, including the online Help, are bundled and installed with the product, and all except the Help files are also available separately at Quest's Support Portal.

The CMG Quick-Start Guide is intended to introduce you to the product and familiarize you with its capabilities and typical uses. After that, this table shows where you can find particular types of information about particular CMG components:

Table 1.  


for Dir Connector & Mail Connector

for Free/Busy Connector

Introduction and orientation:

— — CMG Quick-Start Guide and User Guide — —

Installation instructions:

— — CMG Quick-Start Guide — —

Configuration instructions:

CMG User Guide

CMG FBC Configuration Guide

Operating instructions:

— — CMG User Guide — —

Troubleshooting info:

CMG User Guide

CMG FBC Configuration Guide

The CMG application Help files contain the same information as the User Guide, but make the information available on-screen at the push of a button (from the CMG Management Console).

Determine your FBC scenario

CMG’s F/B Connector supports a broad range of scenarios for different GroupWise and Exchange environments, and for both single (shared) namespace and multi-namespace environments. This FBC Configuration Guide provides instructions and guidance for configuring CMG’s FBC, but the instructions are different for different combinations of environments. The first step in configuring the FBC is therefore to determine your FBC scenario, so you can refer to the correct configuration instructions.

The primary variables that determine your FBC scenario are explained in the FBC Configuration Variables topics below. Various combinations of those variables make up 12 basic FBC scenarios. Review these topics as necessary, then see the FBC Configuration Worksheet following to determine your FBC scenario.

FBC Configuration Variables

These are the primary variables that determine your F/B coexistence scenario:

GroupWise via API vs. via F/B Internet URL

GroupWise versions 8 and later can communicate with external applications via an Internet URL, as shown here, with the CMG components required for configuration with an Internet F/B URL.

GroupWise 7 can communicate with external applications only by an API Gateway, as shown here, also with the CMG components necessary for that configuration.

Note that GroupWise versions 8 and later can also be configured with an API Gateway, although configuration with an Internet F/B URL usually delivers better performance.

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