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Client Profile Updating Utility 5.8 - Administrator Guide

Critical Functionalities

If you run CPUU from the command line rather than using the configuration files configured by Client Profile Updating Utility Configuration wizard, you can force CPUU to skip profiles in which it cannot update the functionalities that you define as critical. For example, if it is critical that rules be updated, you can specify Rules as the value of the –Critical parameter in the INI file.

Below you will find the list of critical functionalities that can be specified as values for the –Critical parameter and the names of the appropriate Microsoft Outlook settings:

Value Microsoft Outlook Setting
Activities Activities
AddBoxes Additional Mailboxes
CONTAB Outlook Address Book
Delegates Delegates
Rules Rules
SRS Send/Receive Settings
SearchFolders Search Folders
Shortcuts Shortcuts (for Microsoft Outlook)

Most of the functionalities listed here are described in the What the Utility Updates topic.

CPUU Return Codes

If errors occur during the profiles update, the corresponding return codes are recorded in the CSV file. The name of this file has the same format as the CPUU log file name (CPUU_#h_#d_#t.csv). The file contains the following data separated by tab character.

<profile name> <current status of the profile> <previous status of the profile>

The following table contains the CPUU return codes and its descriptions:

Error code Error Description
0 PROFILE_WAS_NOT_PROCESSED Profile is not processed.
1 PROFILE_IS_BACKUP Profile is a backup copy of the original profile.
2 PROFILE_ALREADY_UPDATED Profile is already updated.
3 PROFILE_BACKUP_NOT_FOUND Backup profile was not found. Cannot restore and update profile.
4 PROFILE_NOT_RESOLVED Profile cannot be resolved and is being skipped.
5 PROFILE_NOT_EXCHANGE_SERVICE Server name and/or mailbox DN is not specified for the Exchange service. Profile is being skipped.
6 PROFILE_IS_OFFLINE Profile is being skipped, because offline profiles cannot be processed unless the '-ProcessOfflineProfiles' parameter is specified with the 'On' value.
7 PROFILE_HAS_NO_SEREVER No 'Microsoft Exchange Server' service is specified in this profile.
8 PROFILE_UNEXPECTED_SERVICES Profile contains unexpected service(s) and is being skipped.
9 PROFILE_FAILED_TO_CREATE_BACKUP Cannot create a backup copy for this profile.
10 PROFILE_MODIFYING_OK Profile was successfully updated.
11 PROFILE_MODIFYING_FAILED Cannot update profile.
12 PROFILE_RESTORE_OK Profile was successfully rolled back.
13 PROFILE_RESTORE_FAILED Cannot roll back profile.
14 PROFILE_CLEANUP_OK Profile was successfully cleaned.
15 PROFILE_CLEANUP_FAILED Cannot clean up profile.
16 PROFILE_CLEANUP_CANCELED Cleanup operation was canceled by the user.
17 PROFILE_IS_UNABLE_OPEN_DEFSTORE Cannot open default message store.
18 PROFILE_IS_UNABLE_OPEN_MAILBOX_STORE Cannot open mailbox message store.
19 PROFILE_HAS_UNSUPPORTED_AUTHENTICATION Profile authentication type is not supported.
20 PROFILE_HAS_CFG_UI_LOCK Profile is locked due to open properties dialog box.
21 PROFILE_IS_OFFLINE_AND_RC Unexpected error occurred.
22 PROFILE_NOT_FREESPACE_FOR_BACKUPOST Not enough disk space for the OST file backup.

ClientProfileUpdatingUtility.exe Exit Codes

When Client Profile Updating Utility finishes, it sets the value of the errorlevel variable based on its exit status. The following bit mask can be used to retrieve Client Profile Updating Utility completion status from the errorlevel code:
















Note: CPUU returns CPUU_CRASH if the application crashes.

If you stop the CPUU process by using Task Manager, you receive the CPUU_SUCCESS return code.

The following table lists the errorlevel flags that can be set for each mode Client Profile Updating Utility runs in:

Status Return Code (errorlevel)
Exit after running in Update mode.

CPUU_CANNOT_START—Nothing to update.

CPUU_SUCCESS—One or more profiles were updated.

CPUU_NO_SWITCH_MSG—No switch message was found for one or more profiles.

CPUU_SWITCH_ERR—Update failed for one or more profiles.

CPUU_GLOBAL_ERR—Update failed. CPUU_USER_ABORT—Update was aborted by the user.

Exit after running in Undo mode.

CPUU_CANNOT_START—Nothing to undo.

CPUU_SUCCESS—One or more profiles were un-done.

CPUU_SWITCH_ERR—Undo failed for one or more profiles.

Exit after running in Cleanup mode.

CPUU_CANNOT_START—Nothing to clean up.

CPUU_SUCCESS—One or more profiles were cleaned up.

CPUU_USER_ABORT—Cleanup was aborted by the user.

CPUU_GLOBAL_ERR—Cleanup failed.

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