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ChangeBASE 6.2.2 - User Guide

Introduction Before You Start... Installing ChangeBASE Configuring ChangeBASE The Pre-Loading of Packages into ChangeBASE Import Options Applications Options Checks Options Dependency and Conflict Checker Dashboard Reporting Repackaging and Virtualization Web Capture

Repackaging – Troubleshooting

Repackaging – Troubleshooting

When a legacy package fails to import, check the log by right-clicking on the package and selecting View Log. Then proceed according to the error:

The Capture Process terminates before the Installation has completed

Symptoms: After clicking Convert, the Virtual Machine starts the capture but no content is captured.

  1. Create a batch file in the same folder as the installer file.
  1. The first line of the batch file should call the installer file (e.g. setup.exe).
  1. The second line should contain the word “pause”. This will pause the conversion process once the installer has completed.

  1. Once the .bat file has been pre-loaded into ChangeBASE, convert it by following the The Repackaging Process.
  1. Monitor the Virtual Machine as ChangeBASE imports the installer.

The Repackaging Process results in an MSI with no Files

Symptoms: When you view the MSI created by ChangeBASE, the File table is empty.

  1. Ensure that the installer does install files. It is just possible that the installer is launching a process which is not part of the same process tree, thereby preventing ChangeBASE from capturing any installed files.
  1. Create a batch file as shown in The Capture Process terminates before the Installation has completed.

Reboots during Repackaging

Some application installers request that a Windows reboot is performed to complete the installation process. If a machine reboots while ChangeBASE is monitoring an installer for repackaging as an MSI, then the process will be disrupted and information will be lost. This will cause the Repackaging process to fail.

The best way to proceed with applications like this is to manually proceed the application through the installation process within the Virtual Machine, and then decline the reboot when the installer requests one.

You may encounter some application installers that demand a reboot operation without even prompting for one. These are quite rare, but again this will disrupt the Repackaging process.

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