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ChangeBASE 6.2.2 - Release Notes

About ChangeBASE



Dell™ ChangeBASE

Release Notes

February 12, 2015

About ChangeBASE 6.2.2

Dell™ ChangeBASE is a leading provider of automated application compatibility analysis, remediation and conversion.

ChangeBASE can assess and fix application compatibility issues automatically prior to migration to the latest Microsoft platforms and virtualized package environments. It also enables you to virtualize your packages automatically.

Features and Enhancements

Features and Enhancements

Issue ID

ChangeBASE is now integrated with the Asset Manager database. 273421
The Dependencies tab and the application grid on the Applications screen now shows the application dependencies. 321899

Support for Windows Server 2003 R2, Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows Server 2012 on virtual machines that are used for repackaging by MSI Studio.

ChangeBASE can now import AppZero VAA packages. 388296
You can set up an alert that informs ChangeBASE users about the product license expiry. 320774
ChangeBASE can now import .APPV files. 414097

Now you can amend the text file extensions which ChangeBASE will read during the import operation. The file extensions can be added directly to the ChangeBASE configuration file or in the Import section of the Product tab on the Settings screen.


DaCC - Now Dependency and Conflict Checker shows .NET dependencies. 415414
DaCC - From this version, Dependency and Conflict Checker collects Assembly References and Interop Declarations from .NET metadata and stores the information as a part of a package import. 416650
DaCC - Now DaCC can show which source dll has the dependency or conflict. 419076

Resolved Issues

Internal Features and Fixes Issue ID

Incorrect RAG is displayed when importing an MSI that was created during a Repackaging session - the parent application remains with a grey RAG.

Note: If upgrading from ChangeBASE version 6.2, these repackaged MSIs will need to be deleted and re-imported in order for the correct RAG to be displayed.

Unable to import more than one MSI created by the Repackaging process with the "Repackaged MSI already imported for this application" error. 429308
The Print Preview context menu item appears when right-clicking in the toolbar on the Reporting screen. 307362
ChangeBASE reports do not show full issue details for Web applications. 414186
The confirmation message appears only one time when you specify a new platform under Platform tab on the Settings screen. Then if you add another platform, there is no confirmation message displayed. 415785
ChangeBASE cannot import large (50 MB+) web capture files. 394692
The Application Compatibility Report for a Web application incorrectly uses Investigate Red Issues category for the Amber issues. 411139

An unhandled exception occurs when you press Highlight Issue Source Line for DOCTYPE declaration analysis check.

When an application is ready for conversion on the Convert screen, dragging a package from the Applications to convert grid to the Prerequisites and Packages grid does not work. 413884
When you specify an invalid entry in a text box (e.g. SQL Server text box, UNC Path text box, numeric only text box), ChangeBASE does not show any error exclamation. 410168
ChangeBASE stops responding, and eventually crashes with a timeout error if there are multiple WCF calls at once. 411531
Repackaging of an EXE file may fail with an error if the specified path to this file is other than the current directory. 371390
If you clone an existing check in the Custom Checks screen, and then immediately attempt to export it without making any changes or saving it first, you receive an "Object reference not set to an instance of an object" error after specifying the save location and file name. However, if you set the package type and then click Save, the export will be completed successfully. 412894
ChangeBASE cannot import WIM images to DaCC when a folder path includes '.exe'. In this case, you may get errors similar to the following: "FirstChanceException: System.AggregateException: One or more errors occurred. ---> System.IO.FileNotFoundException: C:\Windows\TEMP\CB_4394221e-b805-4a32-8f28-22162ea37b9f\0386ff6e-987e-439e-9f68-fcf0980480f6\setup.exe". 421366
The underscore character is not displayed in tabs that show platform names on the Checks screen. 416090
The Platform Summary widget does not show Virtualization Technology. 416378
You may get errors in the log after running the Queries on the Reporting screen. 416704
When attempting to fix an issue in a package, the following error appears under the Log tab on the Checks screen, accompanied by a red exclamation mark in the Issue Status column: "Unable to load supporting data for fix set cd5ac56f-7d38-4a1d-a0fe-68ac000abf29 at CB.Fix.ServiceImplementations.FixPackageSupportingInfo.Load() at CB.Fix.ServiceImplementations.FixController.PostInitialise() at CB.Fix.ApplyFixSet.Execute(Int16 dbDefn, Int32 transactionId, String fixSetId)". 417938
When adding an imported WIM image to a build in DaCC, the error like the following may arise: ", hexadecimal value 0x02, is an invalid character. Line 1537782, position 107". 421408
Unable to import WIM images to DaCC when the ChangeBASE service is running on 32-bit machine. 421384
When you enable a link to an external .CSV file and then save that link on the External screen (CSV option is selected) this may cause an exception in the ChangeBASE Service log. 424508
Unable to select a database in DaCC if there are multiple SQL databases. 422857
ChangeBASE may crash when importing packages into a large SQL database. 421540

The Application Compatibility Report fails, and displays the following error at the top of the screen: "Failed to execute report: Property accessor 'TotalEffortManual' on object 'CB.Data.Shape.ParentedAggregatePlatformBundle threw the following exception: 'Input string was not in correct format'". In this case, the Summary Report will have empty "Effort" fields.

Unable to open the CSV Export report with the following error message: "Query[Out.Applications.WithReportingSubGroups]not found". 426777
You may get incorrect values of the CB Effort and Manual Effort fields in a web report if this report was created on a non-English operating system and then imported on English operating system. 406892
If your vCenter Server environment has a Datacenter contained in a Folder, any virtual machines under that Datacenter will not work when repackaging or virtualising starts. 427745
The search feature (binoculars icon) does not work on the Reporting screen. 298421
Text fields in the SQL Server Address section under the Database tab on the Settings screen can be changed after you initiate the connection process by clicking the Next button.


DaCC - WRP-protected resources are not show in the Protected column on the Files tab in Dependency and Conflict Checker (DaCC). 414698
DaCC - If any optional columns are added in the right hand pane in DaCC, and DaCC is then restarted, these columns will be lost. 410731
DaCC - When you open DaCC from the Applications screen, DaCC should open the database that is currently active in the client. However, when there are multiple databases defined to the service, DaCC always opens the database that was created first, not the database that was active at the time of invoking DaCC. 416739
MSI Studio - In MSI Studio, the HKLM registry key is displayed as KKLM in the registry Key Path field in the Edit Component dialog. 340069
MSI Studio - The Upgrade Wizard in MSI Studio adds ActionProperty instead of the SecureCustom property to the upgrade table. 346395

MSI Studio - The Upgrade Wizard in MSI Studio adds the same ActionProperty to the upgrade table for each upgrade operation.


MSI Studio - In the Files section in MSI Studio, after the application capture is complete, the MSI of the newly created capture is listed as a file that is a part of the application.


MSI Studio - In MSI Studio, the level of a feature is changed to 0 for a Response Transform (MST).

MSI Studio - Users cannot add registry keys to a specifc component using the components section in MSI Studio. 354801
MSI Studio - When you open an MSI file in MSI Studio, and then access the Code Page screen from the View menu, the Confirm button is inaccessible. 419880
MSI Studio - You may get incorrect registry keys after ICE03 validation check. 341472
MSI Studio - MSI Studio creates hard cdoded paths that cause errors when applications are imported to ChangeBASE. 355798

Known Issues

The following issues are known to exist at the time of this release.

Known Issues

Issue ID

Custom Checks - You may get a warning while upgrading an existing ChangeBASE instance if you add a custom check and then delete it at any time. To resolve this problem, follow the instructions from this knowledge base article:


Asset Manager Integration Script - If the KeyField column does not show up as the second column (the Status column is the first) then it is likely that the most recent Windows Updates are not applied.

For more details, refer the following Dell KB article:

N/A - this is not a ChangeBASE issue

DaCC - Dependency & Conflict Checker may crash when adding optional columns to the Applications grid.

For more details, refer


DaCC - Dependency & Conflict Checker may not reflect all changes that were made in ChangeBASE.

For more details, see


ChangeBASE cannot build repackaged MSIs during auto-conversion.

For more details, refer


Users are unable to see some issues for Custom Checks.

For more details, see

UAC check raises false issue in certain circumstances. 322550
Error when wrong error account used in domain environment. 342559
Clicking the Test button does not show any matching items in some circumstances when setting up external data. 355543
External matching with CSV import: DBCS languages are not read correctly. 359325
Hard-coded File Reference Scan not identifying an issue in the IniFile and Shortcut tables. 388263
Removal of Windows 8 as target OS in App-V 4.6SP1 can cause virtualization to fail. 385562
Missing menu options and confirmations in DaCC at low resolution. 398043
For App-V conversions, if Windows XP 64 bit OS override is specified, this is not being reflected in the OS VALUE setting in the sprj project file. 385935
In cases where the ChangeBASE service is hosted on a server with a Cyrillic OS, and the SQL Server is hosted on a non-Cyrillic OS reporting issues occur.


Indexes can become fragmented when importing large numbers of packages, please see ChangeBASE knowledge base article 135255 for SQL Server maintenance recommendations. SOL135255
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