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ChangeBASE 6.2.2 - Prerequisites and Getting Started Guide

Reporting Settings

The Reporting option allows you to specify the format of your reports.

To specify report formats

  1. Under Report Format, select the format in which you want your reports to be output from the drop down list.

  2. For the output paths, select from: 

    Virtual Directory Path. This is the path (in UNC format) to which the reports generated via the Upload button on the far right of the Reporting toolbar will be output. This path is intended to be shared on a server hosting IIS. If you intend to set this up as part of the Active Directory (AD) service, refer to Best Practice Setup using Active Directory. Otherwise, refer to Virtual Directory Setup.

    Export Path. This is the path (in UNC format) to which your ad hoc Application Compatibility Reports, generated via the Applications window, will be written. If you wish other Packagers to be able to view these reports, ensure that the specified directory is a central directory that has been shared with the required users.

Virtual Directory Setup

To use a virtual directory

  1. Set up a central reports directory that can be accessed by the IIS server, for example My Reports.
  1. In the Virtual Directory Path in Settings > Product > Reporting, specify the UNC path to this central directory.

To set up the virtual reports directory on the server hosting IIS

  1. Open IIS.
  2. Right-click on Sites and then Add Web Site.
  3. Give your Site a name and set the Physical Path to the virtual directory that you created above. Leave all other settings as default.

    Note: If you receive a warning about port binding you should increment the Port until the warning ceases.

  4. Right-click on your Website and select Properties.
  5. Share the virtual directory to allow ChangeBASE to export your reports. To do this, go to Sharing and click Share.

    Note: If you have specific report authors, then you can explicitly share with them, but, as a minimum, you will need to add the account that will be used to connect to the ChangeBASE service. If this account is already in a ChangeBASE Active Directory group, simply add this group in place of Everyone in the above example.

  6. Click on your Website, followed by Directory Browsing.

  7. Click on Enable.


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