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ChangeBASE 6.2.2 - Prerequisites and Getting Started Guide

Package Source Type

ChangeBASE has the ability to directly import native versions of the following packages.

  • Microsoft Windows Installer: .MSI (including .MST if required)
  • Microsoft App-V: .APPV, .SFT
  • AppZero: .CAP and uncompressed VAA packages (see the note below)
  • Radia: .XPI

Note: AppZero packages can be imported in their uncompressed and compressed forms. To import a compressed package, the AppZero runtime must be installed on the server machine, so that ChangeBASE can utilize the appzuncompress executable. ChangeBASE expects to find this file in [ProgramFiles]AppZero. If the AppZero runtime is installed elsewhere, the location can be modified in the Import section under the Product tab of the Settings screen.

When using the File System import method, the file extensions above will be automatically detected.

For applications that can be directly imported, you can choose either the File System, SCCM or CSV import methods. File System imports are commonly used for these package types. For all other applications types (e.g. EXE) you need to use the CSV import method.

The Package Source Type screen allows you to specify how you are going to import your packages.

  • To import packages from a folder, select File System and then Next, and go to Package Source.

    Important: If you are going to be importing legacy packages via SCCM or CSV, you will need to set up a File System source first, into which the repackaged legacy applications will be copied for loading back into ChangeBASE so that they can be assessed. Therefore, the SCCM and CSV options will be grayed out until you have selected a File System source.

  • To import packages via SCCM, you need to ensure that, following the creation of the above File System source, you have set up the details of SCCM server access in Configuring New SCCM Server Access, and that you have also set up the other SCCM Options. If so, click SCCM and then Next. You are then prompted to select the SCCM server from a drop-down, following which you can proceed from Package Source Name.
  • To import packages via CSV, then, following the creation of the above File System source, click CSV followed by Next, and go to CSV Import.
  • To capture Web data for assessment against a particular browser platform, in accordance with the Web Capture section, select Web Capture, followed by Next, and go to Package Source.

Note: You will be able to add further Package Sources subsequently via either the Import window, or the Package Source Settings under Settings.

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