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ChangeBASE 6.2.2 - Prerequisites and Getting Started Guide

Package Source

The Package Source File Path screen allows you to specify the UNC path to a source, which can, for example, be a network share containing applications or Web data to be assessed.

Note: If you subsequently add applications or Web data to the source, these will automatically be pre-loaded in the Import screen.

To specify the source location

  1. Enter the required UNC path using the following syntax: \\server\share\file_path.

    The server portion of the UNC name references the strings maintained by a network naming service such as DNS or WINS. Server names are set by a system administrator. \\localhost can be used to reference the local machine. For example, \\localhost\d$\Training locates a folder called 'Training' on the d:\ drive of the local machine.

    The share portion of the UNC name references a label created by an administrator or, in some cases, within the operating system. In most versions of Microsoft Windows, for example, the built-in share name admin$ refers to the root directory of the operating system installation (usually C:\WINNT or C:\WINDOWS). You will need to set up shares if accessing folders across a client/server setup.

    The file_path portion of the UNC name references the local sub-directories beneath the share.

2. Click Next to provide the Package Source Name.

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