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Change Auditor 7.0.3 - User Guide

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Manage Change Auditor coordinators

NOTE: You can use Action | Agent Notifications to hide (or display) the desktop notifications that are displayed when these processes are performed.
On the confirmation dialog, click Yes to stop the coordinator service.
If you so choose, click Set Coordinator Uninstalled to flag the selected coordinator as ‘Uninstalled’.
Click Show Uninstalled Coordinators to include uninstalled coordinators in the Coordinator Statistics list. Click Hide Uninstalled Coordinators to exclude uninstalled coordinators from the display.

Coordinator Log page

Two new log pages are created whenever you select View Coordinator Log. These log pages contain the event details that were recorded in each of these trace logs for the selected coordinator:

The data grid and event details pane on this page contains the following information for each log entry. The default column in the table below identifies the fields that are displayed in the data grid by default. To display different fields, click the Field Chooser button located to the far left of the column headings.



Specifies the name of the source file that logged the message.



Displays the name of the function that logged the message.



Displays the event ID used to identify the event.



Indicates the severity of the event message:



Specifies the line within the source file that logged the message.



Specifies the logger used to log events.



Displays the event message that was posted to the log.



Specifies the thread within the source file that logged the message.



Displays the date and time when the entry was posted to the log.

Use the tool bar buttons at the top of the log page to scroll through the log and search for log entries.


Use to refresh and reload the log entries from the source file.


Use to copy the selected content to the clip board. Use with the Select All button to copy and paste the contents of the entire log into another application.

Select All

Use to select the entire contents of the log. Use with the Copy button to copy and paste the contents of the log into another application.


Enter a specific string of characters or word to be located in the log and use the Find button to locate the text.

Show Matched Entries Only (Ctrl+M)

Use to display only the entries that match the word/string of characters entered in the search text.

Match Case

Use to locate entries that match the case as it was entered in the search text.


Use to move to the previous entry that contains the search text.


Use to move to the next entry that contains the search text.


Use one of the Print options to print or save the contents of the log.

View and save coordinator trace logs

Click Logs | Open Log.
NOTE: If necessary, click Make New Folder to create a new folder for these logs.


Change Auditor Commands

This appendix lists the commands available throughout the Change Auditor client. The tables in this appendix list the following commands that are available throughout the entire client:

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