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Change Auditor 7.0.3 - User Guide

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View event information

Change Auditor provides access to the associated Event Reference Guide which contains detailed descriptions for each event, including how Change Auditor detected the configuration change event, what the changed parameter controls, and the consequence of such a change.

Account Exclusion


Account exclusion allows you to define a list of trusted accounts to exclude from auditing. This enables you to exclude events generated by accounts that make a large number of changes or by accounts which are trusted.

To use account exclusion, you must first define the user/computer accounts that can make changes without triggering an event in Change Auditor:

Excluded Accounts Auditing page

The Excluded Accounts Auditing page is displayed when Excluded Accounts is selected from the Auditing task in the navigation pane of the Administration Tasks tab. From this page you can launch the Excluded Accounts wizard to create a new template. You can also edit existing templates, disable/enable templates, and remove templates that are no longer being used.

The Excluded Accounts Auditing page contains an expandable view of all the Excluded Accounts templates that have been defined. To add a new template to this list, use the Add tool bar button. Once added, the following information is provided for each Excluded Accounts template:

Indicates whether the template is enabled or disabled. To enable/disable the template, place your cursor in this Status cell, click the arrow control and select the appropriate option from the drop-down menu.

Click the expansion box to the left of the Template Name to expand this view and display the following details about the template:

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