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Workflow Test Mode

What does the Workflow Test Mode do?  

You can use Workflow Test Mode to view the normal processing and logs without making changes to the target environment.


How is the Workflow Test Mode enabled?  

Workflow Test Mode can be enabled on the General tab of Settings. When the Test Mode option is checked, the workflow will execute the workflow while preventing the Write To jobs from executing and writing anything to the target environment.


What does the Skip Script option do?  

When the Skip Scripts option is checked, all script tasks in the workflow will be skipped. If you choose to disable this option, object changes may occur based on the actions within the script.


How do you see the history of the Workflow run in Test Mode?  

After running the workflow in Test Mode, You can view the History of the workflow and download the logs. The log will display the skipped Write To job as being skipped and the Script task as being skipped (if Skip Scripts is enabled).


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