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What's Synced?

What features does Power365 Directory Sync provide to manage Office 365 Groups and Teams?  

Power365 Directory Sync provides an entire package of capabilities to fit short-term migration scenarios or meet longer-term integration projects where continuous synchronization is a key requirement. The following are the primary features related to the management of Office 365 Groups and Teams using Directory Sync.

  1. 100% SaaS based Azure Solution
  2. No software to install
  3. Autoscaling
  4. No manual lists to manage
  5. Automated Discovery of Azure (Cloud) Environment
  6. Create destination groups as needed
  7. Match & Synchronize membership and ownership
  8. Convert existing groups to Office 365 Groups
  9. Synchronize all known Office 365 Group attributes/properties
  10. Synchronize Custom and Advanced Mappings to control Group properties
  11. Keep changes in membership and ownership in Sync
  12. Keep deletions in Sync
  13. Toggle Office 365 Group features on & off during migration events
  14. Control which groups sync, and which do not with data filters
  15. Synchronize or Manage Group Privacy using Advanced Mappings


Does Directory Sync support synchronization of deletions of Office 365 Groups and Teams?  

Yes, by scheduling the reconcile job on each environment and adding the Delete Data Step into your workflow.


Additional Information  

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