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What's Migrated for OneDrive for Business?

What OneDrive for Business content does Power365 migrate?  

Power365 can migrate OneDrive for Business content such as files, documents and folders, along with shares and delegation between Microsoft 365 tenants. Power365 will also notify the end-user when the migration is complete and report on anonymous permissions.


Is OneNote Online content migrated with OneDrive for Business?  

Yes. A user’s OneNote Online content is migrated as part of the OneDrive for Business migration.


Are Expiration Dates migrated for Shared file or folder Links?  

No, Expiration Dates set on the source share are not supported at this time.


Is “Require Sign-in” migrated?  

Yes, users that were required to sign-in in the source will also require to sign-in in the destination. They will also receive the new share link during the final sync cutover job to inform them of the new destination location.


Are Anonymous File Links migrated?  

Anonymous links on files are migrated as anonymous.


Is anonymous access migrated for Shared Folder Links?  

Anonymous Shared Links on folders are not supported and are converted to “Require Sign-in”.


Are OneDrive Shares (Delegates) migrated?  

Yes, delegates or shares are migrated for all matched users and groups in Power365. External users are also migrated. Anonymous access is carried over and reported at the end to the end-user.


Additional Information  


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Cloud Mailboxes

Migration Waves

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Known Limitations


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