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Prepare, Sync, and Cutover

Power365 Integration Projects have the capability of creating users in the target environment to prepare for coexistence and migration, sync user content and finally move the user to the new environment. To accomplish this, there are 3 primary actions that will take place during an Migration and Integration project. Those are “prepare”, “sync” and “cutover”. The following questions and answers will provide insights into the capabilities around user preparation, synchronization and cutover for a Power365 Premium Integration project type. For more information about the other available actions, click here.


What is Prepare?  

Prepare is the action used to create or update a user object in the destination environment to set them up for migration and coexistence.


When should I run Prepare?  

Prepare should be run against all users that are in scope for migration prior to migration. When Prepare is run against all users, they will now be within the coexistence/integration phase of project. Do not run prepare until you are ready for integration phase. It is always recommended pilots are run to validate the process. For additional information and tips about prepare, click here.


How do I run Prepare?  

In the User Dashboard, select a group of unmatched users, either individually or by Migration Wave. You will then choose the Prepare action and click “apply action”.


What happens during Prepare?  

The Prepare action performs the following in the target environment:

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  1. Create a new user object or Update an existing user in the Target
  2. Mail-Enable User (MEU) in Target
  3. Hide the Target MEU
  4. Create a Target Mail Contact visible in the GAL that directs mail and free/busy requests to the Source Mailbox

For more information about Prepare and other project phases, check out the project diagrams.


I don’t have a Premium Integration license, do I still run Prepare?  

No, prepare is not run within Power 365 for a Basic Migration or Advanced Migration project type. The user, licensing and mailbox are expected to be present prior to the migration project.


What is Sync?  

Sync is the action used to begin the synchronization of User Data from one tenant to another. A Sync job is a copy operation from the source mailbox to the target mailbox. Sync also includes synchronization of archive mailboxes and OneDrive for Business. Each sync job runs in sequence, one after the other. A Sync job includes copy and translation of folder and mailbox permissions. Sync jobs have 3 different types, 1) Initial Sync, 2) Delta Syncs and 3) Cutover Syncs. Each Sync type performs different actions.

The Initial Sync action performs the following in the target environment:

  1. Update matched and prepared user in the Target
  2. Remote Mailbox-Enable User (MEU) in Target
  3. Set Forwarding Rule on Target Mailbox
  4. License User for Exchange Online, Archives and OneDrive, if applicable
  5. Perform Initial Synchronization of Mailbox, Archive and OneDrive content to destination

The Delta Sync action performs a change only Synchronization of Mailbox, Archive and OneDrive content from the source to the destination. A delta sync will be faster than an initial sync job. Run delta sync jobs frequently up to the time of user cutover to move the changes in smaller batches, making the job more efficient.

The cutover sync will be described in detail later in this help.


When should I run Sync?  

Each Sync type must be run at different times to be prepared for final user cutover. The initial sync takes the longest and should be run weeks in advance to the scheduled cutover date. The deltas syncs should be scheduled to run in at least 1-week intervals up to the week of the cutover date. Then their frequency should be raised to ensure the cutover event will have less data to copy.


How do I run Sync?  

In the User Dashboard, select a group of matched users, either individually or by Migration Wave. You will then choose the Sync action and click “apply action”.


What is Cutover?  

The User Cutover action is used to execute the final move of the user and their content to the Microsoft 365 tenant. During the cutover process, mail routing is modified for the selected users and a final delta sync is performed to carry over any changes since the last sync.


What happens during Cutover?  

The Cutover action performs the following actions in the target environment:

  1. Begin First Delta Sync
  2. Update the matched user in the Target
  3. Unhide the Target Mailbox
  4. Remove Forwarding Rule from Mailbox
  5. Hide Target Mail Contact
  6. Remove LegacyExchangeDN value from Mail Contact
  7. Stamp Target Mail Contact LegacyExchangeDN value as X500 Proxy Address on Target User
  8. Stamp Source Mailbox LegacyExchangeDN value as x500 Proxy Address on Target User
  9. Complete First Delta Sync
  10. End-User Completes Outlook Client Cutover (optional)

Next the Cutover action performs the following actions in the source environment:

  1. Begin Second Delta Sync
  2. Update the matched user in the Source
  3. Hide Source Mailbox
  4. Set Store and Forwarding Rule on Mailbox
  5. Create Mail Contact pointing to new target user and address for mail routing and free/busy
  6. Complete Second Delta Sync
  7. Final End-User Notification is Sent (The Notification can be resent by using the Send Cutover Email action)
  8. Application accounts used for migration purposes are automatically removed from the target mailboxes, Groups and Teams. More information about automated clean-up.
  9. User Cutover is Complete

Important Note: A final delta sync is not performed after the Final End-User Notification is sent. End users must run Outlook Setup Pro or any mail sent by the user while using the source mailbox will not be transferred to Target. All incoming mail will be handled using the forwarding rules.

For more information about Cutover and other project phases, check out the project diagrams.


Can Cutover be stopped?  

Yes. The Stop action can be applied to Cutover while it is in the "Finalizing" state. When Cutover is restarted, All Cutover actions are performed.


Can I schedule Prepare, Sync, and Cutover?  

Yes. The Prepare, Sync, and Cutover activities can be scheduled for migration waves.


Can Cutover be run while the user is in the Stopped state?  

Yes. Cutover can be started for a user in the "Stopped" state. This allows Cutover to begin without needing to run a new sync.


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