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What do mappings do?  

A mapping entry defines a relationship between an attribute in the source, and an attribute in the target. It tells Power365 Directory Sync where to place the value from a source attribute, and how to modify it if necessary.

Normally this is a one-to-one relationship, for example the value found in the employeeID attribute in the source environment will be written to the employeeID attribute in the target.


How do you change a mapping?  

You can modify this mapping by double-clicking on it.

For example, suppose that this project was an acquisition, where the target environment company acquired the source. And in the source company, they use the employee ID field as a unique identifier, but in the target company they user employee number instead of employee ID. The first thing to do would be to remove the employee ID attribute entry as we don’t want that source value to be written as is.

Then, we would modify the employee number mapping, so that source will be the employeeID, and it would be written to employee number.

You can hold down your control key and select one or more mappings to remove if you don't want them. More options can be found under the advanced button.


When importing the mappings file, can the column order be changed?  

If you choose to export and edit the mappings file and then import the file, the columns must remain in the same order or no mappings will be imported.


Additional Information  

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