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How to Migrate

How do I migrate Office 365 Groups and Teams?  

It’s simple. It’s just like migrating a user. To migrate Microsoft 365 with Power365 follow these steps.

  1. Login to Power365
  2. Click the project to open
  3. Navigate to Office 365 Groups and Teams
  4. Select the desired groups and teams to be migrated
  5. Select Sync from the action menu
  6. Click Apply Action

To check on a sync status of an individual group/team, double click the group or team to open the group/team details. The Job History tab provides a view of active jobs. The errors tab displays any errors encountered during the sync job. Sync logs may also be downloaded.


Can I schedule Office 365 Group and Team migrations?  

Yes, same as a user. A Power365 sync schedule is executed against wave based on the migration profile assigned. A wave can be scheduled to begin sync jobs and set the frequency and number of subsequent delta synchronizations.


What happens to the source Office 365 Groups and Teams content after the migration?  

The source is left unchanged by the migration process. Office 365 Group and Team content is untouched. Consider post-migration clean-up actions to decommission the source workloads as required.


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