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How to Cutover

What is a cutover?  

Cutover is the activity where the Office 365 Groups and Microsoft Teams migrations are finalized. A final delta data sync is run, and the target is made ready for the members.


How do I start cutover?  

To cutover Office 365 Groups or Microsoft Teams follow these steps.

  1. Login to Power365
  2. Click Total Groups from the dashboard or Groups + Teams from the menu (top left)
  3. Click the Office 365 Groups and Teams tab
  4. Select the groups and/or teams to be cutover (Tip: Use a Filter to narrow your choices)
  5. Select the Cutover action
  6. Click Apply Action

The cutover process may also be scheduled by wave. For more information about schedules, please visit our Online Help Center.


What happens during cutover?  

The cutover process will perform multiple steps to ready the group or team for its members to use the newly migrated group or team.

The following actions occur against the target group or team during the cutover activity.

  1. Performs a Delta Sync of data.
  2. The target is made public if the source was public. Otherwise, it remains private. (-Visibility ‘Public’ and -AccessType ‘Public’)
  3. The target is made visible with Exchange Clients, if the source was. (-HiddenFromExchangeClientsEnabled $false)
  4. The target is made visible in the Exchange Address Lists GAL, if the source was. (-HiddenFromAddressListsEnabled $false)
  5. The target is made searchable, if the source was. (-ShowInTeamsSearchAndSuggestions $true)
  6. Members, Owners and Subscribers are synchronized to the target if matched.
  7. Members receive email notice about being added to the Group or Team.
  8. Application sends cutover notification email to group owners informing them the cutover is complete.

The following actions occur against the source group or team during the cutover activity.

  1. It’s set as private. (-Visibility ‘Private’ and -AccessType ‘Private’)
  2. It’s hidden from Exchange clients. (-HiddenFromExchangeClientsEnabled $true)
  3. It’s hidden from the Exchange Global Address Lists (GAL). (-HiddenFromAddressListsEnabled $true)
  4. It’s set not to be searchable. (-ShowInTeamsSearchAndSuggestions $false)
  5. Mail Forwarding will be enabled on the source group or team to direct any incoming mail to the target group or team.
  6. The source group or team will be set to allow external mail in the event mail needs to be forwarded from the source to the target group or team. (-RequireSenderAuthenticationEnabled $false)

The source Teams are presently not archived or deleted by default during the cutover. If you would like to archive or delete your source Teams after migration, you may do so. For more information about archiving, restoring and deleting Teams, review this Microsoft Doc.


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