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How to Create Groups

Does Power365 create Office 365 Groups in the target?  

Yes, Power365 Directory Sync can help you create and sync your Office 365 Groups. Power365 Directory Sync can also help you convert existing groups into Office 365 Groups.


What are the steps to setup Directory Sync for Office 365 Groups?  

There are six (6) steps to complete to setup Power365 Directory Sync for Office 365 Groups. After the setup is complete, there are additional activities to consider before production readiness. It is a recommended best practice to pilot new workflows. Therefore, it is outlined in this list of deployment activities as optional. Follow these steps to fully deploy and validate the related group workflows.


  1. Add your cloud environments
  2. Create your template
  3. Import your mappings
  4. Create your read workflow
  5. Create your match/stage workflow
  6. Create your write workflow

First Run

  1. Run your first read
  2. Run your first match/stage
  3. Run your first write in test mode
  4. Verify change logs

Pilot (optional)

  1. Run your first write with test objects without test mode
  2. Verify data changes


  1. Run your first write with production objects
  2. Verify data changes
  3. Schedule workflows for production


Additional Information  

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