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Advanced Mapping


How is the advanced mapping info accessed?  

Click on a mapping and choose the Advanced button. You can then customize the mapping behavior.


What are the components of an Advanced Mapping?  

There are several components in an advanced mapping. Please review the advanced mappings guide before making any changes to an existing mapping.

  • The first component is the value. This is single value, or, it could be a formula that will be used to determine the final written value. This can be a combination of functions, text and/or operations to construct the final value.

    There are some default values that already exist. If you do not have experience with advanced mappings, we suggest that you do not change the default values.

  • The condition is a formula that must result in a True statement in order for the attribute to be mapped. It is a qualifier that acts like an on-off switch. If the condition sections is empty, as in this example the switch is On by default.
  • The target attribute is the userprincipal name. The value that will be written, will be calculated by is called a Function. In this case, it is the replacedomain function. This function will take the userprincipal name from the source, and will replace the domain portion with the target domain that is selected in the StageData step of your workflow, referred to as profile, in this function. Please note that some functions are specific to the workflow type, such as local to local.


Additional Information  

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