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Binary Tree Migrator Pro for Exchange 20.11 - Release Notes

20.11.0 Release Notes

Binary Tree Migrator Pro for Exchange 20.11.0

Release Notes

April 2022

These release notes provide information about the Binary Tree Migrator Pro for Exchange 20.11.0 release.


About this release

Binary Tree Migrator Pro for Exchange facilitates migration from one version of Microsoft Exchange to another. It combines a back-end policy engine with front-end management components, to provide project managers and administrators more control over Exchange upgrades.

Binary Tree Migrator Pro for Exchange 20.11.0 is a minor release with enhanced features and functionality.


The following is a list of enhancements implemented in Migrator for Exchange 20.11.0.

Table 1. General enhancements


Issue ID

The installer now prompts you to enter a passphrase to secure secrets stored in the SQL database.


Support for Microsoft 365 GCC High for the target has been added.


The Public Folder Job Importer has been updated to handle situations where a Target parent folder path does not exist in SQL or Exchange. The Importer will create the Target parent folder hierarchy in SQL if needed, and the Public Folder worker will create those target folders when the associated job(s) run.


The ability to specify a list of trustees to skip when syncing Public Folder permissions has been added.


The Auto-allocate folders to Public Folders mailboxes feature has been updated.  A new setting to select the maximum size of the target Public Folder mailboxes for auto-select enabled jobs and a new setting to select the default size of target folders without a job have been added to the Public Folders Settings.


The "Update Public Folder Mailboxes" setting has been added to the Activities Settings to allow you to control Public Folder mailbox rationalization as a separate activity.


The installer has been updated to install SQL Server 2017 Express.


To allow the migration of folders that have over 500 items, the "PFItemsBatchSize" setting has been added to the E2EAppSettings config file. When set to less than 500, the Public Folder worker successfully migrates folders with more than 500 items.

If PFItemsBatchSize is set to 0, batching of the Public Folder items is disabled.


.NET Framework 4.8 is now required.


Resolved issues

The following is a list of issues addressed in this release.

Table 2. General resolved issues

Resolved Issue

Issue ID

Migrator Pro for Exchange workers hanging during provisioning/content sync. Redemption.dll has been upgraded to version to resolve this issue.


An Update recipient error occurred during the submission of a move request. The Domain controller parameter has been added to address this issue.


An issue where the target folder would not be moved to the Recycle Folder if it was deleted in the source when the target folder resides on a secondary Public Folder mailbox has been resolved.


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