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Binary Tree Migrator Pro for Active Directory 20.10 - Release Notes

Network Profiles

To add network profiles:

  1. On the Network Profiles page, click the Add button. The Network Profiles window appears.

  2. Enter values in the following fields:
    • Profile Name - The name to identify this Network Profile
    • Set DNS Servers For the Computer? - Options include: Don't Change This Setting, Use DHCP For DNS Server, or Manually Assign DNS Servers.

      If you manually assign DNS settings, be sure that the DNS server(s) that you include here can resolve the Migrator Pro for Active Directory Agent SRV record.

    • Primary DNS Server - The preferred DNS server.
    • Secondary DNS Server - The alternate DNS server.
    • DNS Suffix For the Network Adapter - The primary DNS suffix that will be set on the network adapter.
    • Append DNS Suffixes to the Network Adapter - Options include Don't Change This Setting, Preserve Current DNS Suffixes From the Network Adapter, or Set the Following DNS Suffixes.
    • DNS Suffixes - Enabled if Set the Following DNS Suffixes is selected from the "Append DNS Suffixes to the Network Adapter" option. Enter each suffix and then press Enter.
    • Register the Network Adapter's Addresses in DNS - Options include Don't Change This Setting, No, or Yes.
    • if Yes is selected to the "Register the Network Adapter's Addresses in DNS" option, select Don't Change This Setting, Include The Manual DNS Suffix, or Don't Include the Manual Suffix.
    • Primary WINS Server - The preferred WINS server.
    • Secondary Wins Server - The alternate WINS server.
  3. Click Save Profile. The new network profile is added to the list.
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