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Binary Tree Migrator Pro for Active Directory 20.10 - Release Notes

About Binary Tree Migrator Pro for Active Directory

Migrator Pro for Active Directory features a new name and logo, but is the same, trusted product previously known as SMART Active Directory Migrator.

Whether your company is performing an Active Directory Migration as a result of an acquisition, merger, or divestiture, or simply as part of rebuilding an existing Active Directory restructure to meet technical or organizational needs, Migrator Pro for Active Directory dramatically reduces risks, complexity, time, and costs associated with migrating and synchronizing their Active Directory environment to an existing or new Active Directory environment.

Migrator Pro for Active Directory

  • Is a comprehensive software solution that seamlessly migrates AD objects, settings and properties
  • Has a back-end migration and synchronization engine
  • Has a front-end management console providing complete control of the migration
  • Ensures security and reliability of the product
  • Provides complete migration of relevant objects and properties
  • Migrates AD objects even if the source and target servers are not connected and are on isolated networks
  • Allows for migrations to occur during business hours with minimal effect on user productivity
  • Allows administrators to perform all migration-related tasks during business hours, reducing the administrator’s workload
  • Maintains transparent interoperability during the migration
  • Provides users access to all network resources, regardless of the migration status
  • Includes password and SID History synchronization capabilities that provide real-time data
  • Allows cutover of computers to a new domain without them having to contact a target domain controller
  • Includes the ability within the software to create custom jobs, such as the ability to download files locally to managed computers

  • Provides the ability to reverse the changes after key steps in the migration process
  • Can be used for any migration scenario, from consolidation to a restructuring of AD
  • Can be customized to meet unique requirements of any organization
  • Is highly conducive for migration of workstations in a distributed workforce

Key Features

  • Complete migration
  • Minimal downtime or interruptions to users
  • Provides coexistence
  • Synchronization of AD objects
  • Safe with ability to recover original state
  • Flexible migration
  • Highly customizable
  • Synchronizes SID history
  • Ability to copy Passwords
  • Credential Caching and Offline Domain Join
  • Highly conducive for migration of workstations in a distributed workforce
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