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Binary Tree Migrator for Notes 20.11 - User Guide

Section 1. Introduction Section 2. Pre-migration Activities Section 3. User Provisioning Section 4. Email Repliability Section 5. Migrating Mail Files Section 6. Rooms and Resources Database Migration Section 7. Mail-in Database Migration Section 8. Setting Migration Status Section 9. Access and Delegation Migration Section 10. All Accounts Section 12. Logs Appendix A: Staging Replicas Appendix B: Pre-Migration Troubleshooting Appendix C: Work with Files (Import/Export) Appendix D: Item Processing Results Appendix E: Migration Result Statuses Appendix F: Recovery Process Appendix G: Automatic Migration Restart Appendix H: Folder Processing Order Third Party Components

Profile Security Delegation

The Profile Security Delegation feature allows you to control and delegate access to Synchronization Profiles by entering a list of users to grant access. For example, you may want to restrict access to a synchronization profile to a business unit or national team. Only profiles which users have access to will be available to them in Directory Sync Pro for Active Directory and Migrator Pro for Active Directory.

To control access to a Synchronization Profile:

  1. Check Enable Profile Security Delegation in the Profile wizard or on the Manage Settings General Profile Info page.
  2. Enter the list of users that can access the profile in DOMAIN\Username format. Users must be separated by comma. Note that users added to the list must be in the BTDirSyncPro group of the local machine.

Note: The profile creator will always have access to the profile.

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